It’s Now Down to 5 Percent of Norwalk Without Power

Downed wires on Keeler Avenue in Norwalk last week.

NORWALK, Conn. – With a goal of turning the lights back on for 98 percent of Norwalk’s Hurricane Sandy victims by Monday night, CL&P workers had at noon whittled down the number of customers without electricity to 1,681, or 5 percent, the company’s outage report says.

There are 67 line crews and 18 tree crews in Norwalk today, the city’s website says. “For the most part, these crews will be working on the largest groupings of outages and working their way toward restoring our customers,” the release says. “Safety is always their number one priority. So as always, we ask you not to publish the locations to the general public.”

Funny thing. The release then lists the areas that have the most outages.

They did it, why shouldn’t I? Here they are:

  • Silvermine
  • West Norwalk Road
  • Marlin Drive
  • Rowayton Avenue
  • Chestnut Hill Road
  • Hillwood Place
  • William Street
  • Fillow Street
  • Fox Run Road
  • School Street
  • Park Hill
  • Ambler Drive
  • Grey Hollow Road
  • Regency Drive
  • Wilson Avenue
  • Ponus Avenue
  • Dairy Farm Road
  • Thistle Road
  • Wilve Creek Lane
  • Powder Horn Road

Workers are focusing on the largest events and working their way down (with a few exceptions based on restoration work needed, and safety), the release says. Things may change, based on conditions in the field. There are a lot of crews out there so they will probably be in many other locations today in Norwalk.

We’re still in a state of emergency, folks. And there’s a Noreaster on the way, so the city would appreciate it if you clean the drainage basins in front of your house.


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