Jailhouse Tasering killed 22-year-old, family says

taser-gun-404384HARTFORD, Conn. – A long Taser firing coupled with head trauma killed a drunken 22-year-old who lay helpless – “unarmed, virtually unclothed and vastly outnumbered by police officers,” his brother claims in a federal complaint.

Noting that Connecticut’s chief medical examiner ruled the 2014 death of Jose Maldonado a “homicide,” brother Wilson Ramos says the killing is “part of a national pattern of deadly violence against black and Hispanic civilians.”

Police arrested the brothers in the wee hours of April 13, after his brother hit a car window and shattered the glass, according to the complaint.

Ramos says Maldonado, a recovering alcoholic, had too much to drink at their friend’s house in East Hartford where they had been watching a boxing match, and that he was trying to Maldonado in the car and drive him home to their grandmother’s in Manchester.

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