Jason Milligan is reviving vacant Riverview Plaza for his Wall St. dream plan

Jason Milligan, Norwalk developer, property owner and relentless Wall Street enthusiast, is resurrecting the frayed carcass of the deserted 50-year-old Riverview Plaza as part of his dream plan for the neighborhood.

The Riverview Plaza at Belden Avenue and Burnell Boulevard. (Photo: John Levin)

Earlier this month, through a series of complex and in some cases still-pending transactions, Milligan took possession of the former office building and mall located at 24 Belden Avenue, at the intersection with Burnell Boulevard.

The property, comprising three buildings, has been largely vacant for over 10 years.  With more than 85,000 square feet of commercial and office space, the potential opportunities—and challenges—will be immense.  

Jason Milligan, with his new view of the neighborhood, and

“I have decided to make it a business incubator — especially for businesses that fit well with the Wall Street neighborhood theme of art and creativity,” Milligan said.  He also described the building as a potential hub and gateway to the rising neighborhood.

“I’m excited,” Milligan told NancyOnNorwalk, which was allowed a tour of the property that revealed repair work underway at ground level and expansive city and neighborhood views from higher floors.

“We will offer flexible leases, and lots of incentives,” he said, adding that he is “hoping to involve” the Norwalk Conservatory of the Arts. “They are growing. And I would like to add a residential component.”

Milligan declined to reveal how much he paid to purchase the property from the Ritz Realty Corp.

According to Norwalk city records, the property’s appraised value in 2023 was $7.89 million and its assessed value was $5.52 million.

Repair work on a lower floor. (Photo: John Levin)


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  1. Michael Hanafee

    Always investing Wall St. With your enthusiasm and vision, might our uncooperative city hall finally get It?
    It’s your time !
    Make it happen…
    Mike Hanafee

  2. This is great news I’ve always appreciated the potential that building has it was on its way out when I moved into the area it would also be awesome if he threw an arcade in there an old school arcade I think having attractions for a younger crowd would be really good for that area particularly teenagers and 20 somethings I would definitely be taking my 21-year-old and 6 year old to the arcade if Jason likes my idea and we loved what my three sons when that was around

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