John Mosby files new complaint against Norwalk BoE

John Mosby
John Mosby

NORWALK, Conn. – A complaint of discrimination against the Norwalk Board of Education is not over, even if the board has filed comprehensive reasons as to why it should be dismissed.

John Mosby said Tuesday that his complaints to the Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities (CHRO) and the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission had been filed in error through no fault of his own. He has filed a new complaint, he said, one that does not include the erroneous reference to him being an employee.

Mosby said two weeks ago that he was alleging an illegal discriminatory practice. Mosby alleged that the board is not responding to his comments because he is black and specifically mentioned the March 18 and April 8 board meetings.

“Of all his complaints to date, this is the strangest, because he’s seeking relief under employment discrimination statutes for something that has nothing to do with employment (his false claim that we never answer his questions when he talks at board meetings but do so for white speakers),” BoE Chairman Mike Lyons said in an email. “Even if his claims were true (which they aren’t), since they don’t involve employment matters, neither the CHRO or EEOC have any jurisdiction to hear them, so I assume they’ll be dismissed. But it will take up Corporation Counsel and staff time and once again waste taxpayer resources fighting frivolous complaints of his.”

Mosby said Tuesday that someone with the Human Rights Commission Bridgeport office had typed the complaint for him. “The man told me, said Mr. Mosby… He said, ‘I made an error, I apologize to you.’ He said ‘you have the board to call me, I made an error, you didn’t make the error.’”

Mosby said Norwalk Superintendent Manny Rivera had called him Tuesday morning and said the board was not going to hear his complaint.

Deputy Corporation Counsel Jeffry Spahr on June 19 filed responses to Mosby’s complaint.

“It is admitted that the Complainant attended a board meeting on March 18, 2014 and addressed the Board of Ed,” the response states. “During the course of his rant the Complainant made several comments – some of which were disturbing, offensive and racially charged. Further, it is denied that the Board has never addressed the matters raised by the Complainant. It is admitted that the Board may not have always responded to the complaints raised by the Complainant after each and every time he delivered the same accusations. However, given the repetition with which the Complainant continuously pounds the same drum, this is to be expected.”
Mosby’s address and the address of City Hall were wrong in the complaint, Spahr wrote. “The Respondents deny the Complainant’s self-appellation of referring to himself as a ‘Community Activist,’” the response states.

Spahr cites a Jan. 7 BoE meeting in which Rivera presented a lengthy report on Briggs High School after being asked by to respond to one of Mosby’s “diatribes.”
“It should be noted that, to the amazement of many, during this deliver the Complainant actually walked out of the meeting room, thus missing a large portion of Dr. Rivera’s response to questions made by the Complainant.”

Norwalk has incurred 10’s of thousands of dollars in legal fees responding to Mosby’s frivolous complaints, Spahr wrote.

Spahr filed a motion to dismiss based on the fact that Mosby is not a Norwalk Public Schools employee.

Mosby made more allegations of racial discrimination at Tuesday’s meeting.

“They always get the corporation (counsel) to go after minority blacks, and I seen it. But when the other people file a complaint, the board use their lawyer. That is discrimination,” Mosby said.

Board member Migdalia Rivas expressed concern that Mosby’s complaint would not be discussed.

“The board did not want to hear a complaint of a citizen,” Rivas said. “I have no knowledge of that and I am part of the board. I would not refuse to hear a complaint from any citizen in Norwalk.”

Board member Shirley Mosby, Mosby’s daughter, said the board should come up with a system to respond to comments made by citizens who take the time to come to meetings and speak to the board.

“I do get feedback that people come, they talk about issues but they don’t get any type of courtesy,” she said. “Whether or not we can give them what they are asking for it’s just that acknowledging that ‘yes we heard you’ or ‘we are going to look into it’ or ‘we are going to get back to you.’ I am just saying people in general.”


9 responses to “John Mosby files new complaint against Norwalk BoE”

  1. Yankee Clipper

    John Mosby’s harrassment of the Board is ridiculous … and what is Rivas talking about? What’s more important to Rivera and Mosby, closing the achievement gap or “courtesy”? Those two need to grow up!

  2. Lifelong Teacher

    Amen. And ‘rant’ is exactly the term to describe what John Mosby does. It’s hard to even follow him as he goes in and on.

  3. Jody Sattler

    When will Shirly Mosby and Migdalia Rivas stop focusing on the adults and pay attention to the students of Norwalk Public Schools? None of their issues have any impact on the education of my kids. Dr.Rivera, Mr.Lyons and the other members of the BOE are focused on what is important – the education of the children of NPS.

  4. Lisa Thomson

    When is the City of Norwalk going to file a counter suit for these unfounded frivolous lawsuits that date back to the 1990s? Perhaps, if Mr. Mosby had to dig into his own pocket for these antics, the circus might stop?

  5. Bill

    When will the NAACP stand up for african american children, not corrupt public unions and their board of ed lackeys?

  6. LWitherspoon

    Is it true that Ms. Mosby and Ms. Rivas were endorsed by the Teachers Union?
    Disappointed to see this not-so-dynamic duo cheering on an individual who is notorious for filing frivolous claims that cost taxpayers thousands. Mr. Mosby did the same thing as head of the custodian’s union. Has he won a single claim?

  7. Oldtimer

    Thousands ? Defending cases that were all dismissed ? Is there some exaggeration in that statement ? Jeff Spahr seems to have been responsible for filing for dismissals and has been successful in each case. Did that estimate of costs to the City come from his office ? If pressed, would he support your statement ? Would it be fair to make judgments about the commenter based on where he chooses to exaggerate ? Mr Mosby may be accomplishing exactly what he set out to accomplish by drawing attention to what he believes are valid issues that would be swept under the rug without his complaints.

  8. LWitherspoon

    No exaggeration, in fact my comment appears to have seriously understated the cost of Mr. Mosby’s frivolous grievances and complaints. Here is a 1996 article by widely respected former Superintendent Ralph Sloan regarding the cost of Mr. Mosby’s behavior:
    The article states that in just one year, the City of Norwalk spent $60,753 on legal representation responding to Mr. Mosby’s frivolous claims. The article also notes that despite filing hundreds of claims, Mr. Mosby did not prevail even a single time. I stand by my statement that Mr. Mosby is notorious for filing frivolous claims that cost taxpayers thousands.
    To address your question, it would not be fair to judge me for exaggerating, since the evidence provided above clearly demonstrates that I have not exaggerated. It would be fair to apologize for your falsely accusing me of exaggeration, with yet another statement which is unsupported by fact, but I won’t hold my breath.

  9. Mike Lyons

    “Mosby made more allegations of racial discrimination at Tuesday’s meeting.
    “They always get the corporation (counsel) to go after minority blacks, and I seen it. But when the other people file a complaint, the board use their lawyer. That is discrimination,” Mosby said.

    This statement, like most others made by Mr. Mosby, is completely false. Just a few examples. In our dispute with (terminated) former Facilities Director Mark Gorian (a white) we have been represented by Mr. Spahr. Spahr is also handling a case involving a terminated teacher (Vincent Diaco, an Italian-American (White)). So Spahr has handled matters involving both white and black complainants.

    Our outside lawyers, Bill Connon and Tom Mooney, have each also handled matters involving both whites and blacks.

    Connon negotiated the contract with the custodians union, which is predominantly black. Connon also represented us in the State Labor Board complaint filed by Mr. Mosby’s son Alvin (decided in our favor), and Alvin Mosby is black. Of course, Connon also handled the contract with the predominantly while nurses union.

    Mooney covered the negotiation and arbitration with the teachers union, which is predominantly white. But he also represented the Board in the complaint about outsourcing brought by the custodians union, and also advised the Board’s Executive Committee regarding the “citizen’s complaints” filed by John Mosby (obviously a black).

    All of these attorneys, corporation counsel and outside (“board”) counsel alike, have handled matters with both whites and blacks. There is no “discrimination”.

    This is just another example of what we’re dealing with regarding the NAACP complaint. The complaints are legion, but when you look at them, there are never any facts to back them up.

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