Josh Goldstein has my vote

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I’ve had the pleasure of serving alongside Josh Goldstein on the Zoning Commission for the last two years. In that time, Josh has thrown himself into the issues and wrestled with the complexity of the decisions that come before the Commission. Some of the biggest issues facing Norwalk in the immediate future are climate change, affordable housing and development, all of which Josh has dealt with in his role on the Zoning Commission. I have seen Josh listen to and advocate for residents, push back on developers, fight for increased affordable housing, hold high standards, and push for more sustainable development. He balances the need for smart growth and makes decisions for the greater good of the community. Josh does not accept answers that don’t make sense and sees the need for zoning to work for residents and developers. 

Over the past two years I have watched Josh’s insights and thoroughness make a positive impact on the community. The Zoning Commission brings together many different constituencies, providing Josh a unique window into Norwalk. All of this will serve him and Norwalk well if elected to the Common Council.

Josh is running for the Common Council and he has my vote!

Nick Kantor


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  1. piberman

    Climate change ? Hmm. Not boosting the performance of our public schools ? Encouraging more good jobs to our transient City with its 10% Poverty rate ? Creating an attractive Downtown that welcomes residents and businesses ? Encouraging a 4 yr college is our City ?

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