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I am a concerned citizen of the City of Norwalk and I will support Joshua Goldstein for Common Council. Joshua Goldstein has a vision for the City of Norwalk that he believes will make our city better now and in the future. He wants to see Norwalk grow but in a responsible and feasible manner.

The citizens of the City of Norwalk need to know what is going on in city government which directly and indirectly affect their lives. Joshua Goldstein will work to keep us informed and protect all Norwalkers. I like many others want to feel that the city government is working for the benefit of its citizens and not a select few.

While serving on the Zoning Commission with Joshua, I have gotten to know him to be a supporter of ideas which will help Norwalk survive for years to come. He cares about the communities that are affected by his decisions since those decisions will help guide the City now and in the future.

Joshua Goldstein is a person who will listen to the citizens and try to help find the best solutions for them. If you want a diligent worker, thinker and politician who wants the best for Norwalk, then vote with me on November 2 for Joshua Goldstein. Give Joshua the opportunity to keep Norwalk moving in the right direction on Tuesday.

Joshua Goldstein is a friend, colleague and Norwalker, who will work with fellow Common Council members and the Mayor to keep Norwalk fiscally strong and a diverse place to live.

Michael L. Witherspoon

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David T McCarthy November 1, 2021 at 11:27 am

A little research reveals that Mr. Goldstein moved to Norwalk in late 2019. He likely couldn’t find parts of the city if you took his phone away from him. That he has been appointed to the Zoning Commission within moments of moving here suggests he is a political plant from the state machine, sent here to continue the destruction of your city….beware trusting in party players.

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