Judge dismisses GOP lawsuit against Malloy mailer

The general election is Tuesday, Nov. 4.
The general election is Tuesday, Nov. 4.

HARTFORD, Conn. – A superior court judge ruled against the state Republican Party Thursday when he dismissed its lawsuit to prohibit Democrats from spending their federal campaign funds in support of Gov. Dannel P. Malloy.

Judge Antonio Robaina ruled that Republicans lacked standing and had failed to exhaust other remedies before taking the Democrats to court.

Judge Antonio Robaina  (Courtesy of CT-N)
Judge Antonio Robaina
(Courtesy of CT-N)

“The court has determined that it lacks subject matter jurisdiction over the plaintiff’s claims because the plaintiff has failed to exhaust its administrative remedies, and it therefore does not reach the issue of the plaintiff’s standing,” he wrote. “Moreover, because the court lacks subject matter jurisdiction over the plaintiff’s claims, it will not address the defendant Dan Malloy for Connecticut’s motion to strike argument.”

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3 responses to “Judge dismisses GOP lawsuit against Malloy mailer”

  1. Mike Mushak

    Another bogus lawsuit and political stunt by the desperate GOP, like the one against President Obama by the House GOP that wasted millions of taxpayer dollars and went nowhere.

  2. Mike, the judge didn’t rule the lawsuit was “bogus”, just premature:

    In a statement, Republican Party spokesman Zak Sanders said the judge’s ruling did not absolve Democrats of wrongdoing.

    “On the contrary, it says that before being brought to court, the SEEC should investigate and adjudicate this matter – and the SEEC has already confirmed its belief that Dan Malloy and the state Democratic Party have violated state election law,” he said.

    If I wrote a check to a politician for these huge sums of money, I would be violating the state’s draconian campaign finance laws. But the Democrats seem to think that it’s OK for state contractors to give them an unlimited amount of money. That’s just nuts. Get rid of the campaign finance laws, or treat everyone equally. Even better, do both!

  3. One and Done

    Malloy raised funds for this group. This is a direct violation of the Citizens Election Program. Laundering money like this is exactly why the law was enacted. This judge is very irresponsible, besides being a Democrat. This will come back to haunt us in future years and races. Now thanks to Malloy we’ll have both outside money and get to pay our hard earned tax dollars on keeping them in office to benefit their union cronies. $33 million wasn’t enough to steal from us. He had to have more. Disgusting.

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