Kousidis should denounce endorsement from Connecticut Freedom Alliance

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As a mother I am calling on State Senate candidate Ellie Kousidis to denounce the endorsement she received from the Connecticut Freedom Alliance. For those who don’t know, the Connecticut Freedom Alliance is an anti-vaccine group that is currently suing the State of Connecticut over Governor Lamont’s mask rule for school children. If not for this rule I would not feel comfortable sending my son to school. While the coronavirus does not impact children as severely as it does adults, children can carry and transmit the virus to parents, grandparents, teachers and other at-risk individuals. I believe the mask mandate in Connecticut is one of the reasons we are doing better than most other states, but even with the mask mandate, our numbers are increasing again. Now is not the time to change what has been working.

According to The Hour, the judge hearing the lawsuit threw out the first two “experts” the Connecticut Freedom Alliance asked to testify on their behalf. The judge ruled that neither one was qualified. Ms. Kousidis should tell parents, teachers and the public whether or not she believes in mask wearing and whether she supports the views of the Connecticut Freedom Alliance. If this is the type of group that supports Ms. Kousidis, voters should know where she stands on masks and science.


Katy Sullivan


KENNETH WERNER October 16, 2020 at 11:15 am

This is a comment on format, not content. The by-line at the head of this letter suggests it was written by Nancy. It’s not till you get to the end that you understand it was written by Katy Sullivan. Perhaps the formatting can be changed to avoid this kind of confusion in the future.

Al October 16, 2020 at 11:42 am

“Ms. Kousidis should tell parents, teachers and the public … whether she supports the views of the Connecticut Freedom Alliance.”

Why ask? Her public profile shows being a member of the the CT Freedom Alliance Facebook group.

Politicians not taking public health seriously is exactly what got us to 200,000+ deaths and the same Facebook group above is claiming this is just a “scamdemic”.

This is absurd that this is actually part of a state senate debate but here we are.

Claire Schoen October 16, 2020 at 2:10 pm

@Kenneth – every so often these things slip by – looks like it was an honest error, now corrected. Thanks for pointing it out –

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