Labor applauds Malloy, not Wisconsin

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy (Hugh McQuaid photo)
Gov. Dannel P. Malloy (Hugh McQuaid photo)

NEW HAVEN, Conn. — Labor delegates embraced Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy during the AFL-CIO’s political convention on Monday during an event that was focused as much on labor laws in Wisconsin as it was on the last four years in Connecticut.

Malloy, a first-term Democrat facing a tough re-election battle, firmly positioned himself on the side of the labor movement during Monday’s convention and tried to shrug off some tough contract negotiations early in his tenure as he was facing a deep budget deficit.

“I stand with labor, I always have, I always will. It goes back to who I am and what I am,” Malloy told the crowded convention room at the Omni Hotel. “. . . Yeah, we’ve had some fights. We’ve had some tough times. When somebody hands you a $3.6 billion deficit and says ‘have at it,’ of course we had to come around a table … And I’ve made mistakes and everybody else in this room’s probably made mistakes once or twice in their lives.”

But whatever mistakes Malloy may have made, they seemed distant Monday. The convention’s agenda seemed designed to draw a stark contrast between Malloy and his likely Republican opponent, Tom Foley, who he narrowly defeated in 2010.

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4 responses to “Labor applauds Malloy, not Wisconsin”

  1. Piberman

    Imagine if the Governor said he stands up for taxpayers rather than state employees ?

  2. p.o.taxpayer

    what good is labor if the jobs are taxed out of the state with malloys spending.

  3. One and Done.

    Let’s face it. Malloy is a lemon. Time to move on.
    Anyone half wit can see that Wisconsin’s policies have grown their economy, created real surpluses, and lots of jobs to go with it. In turn the increased revenues that their state takes in have funded services with accountability to the taxpayers. Everyone wins.
    Here in CT we clearly see that our policies have shrank the economy, created phony surpluses that are funded by ever growing debts, and possibly the worse job growth of any state in the union. The result is fewer tax revenues and reduced services from the state as the priority is to deliver robust pension packages and things like safe railroads somewhere down the list after guaranteed lifetime jobs and raises.
    One and Done.

  4. John Hamlin

    The politicians’ corrupt bargain with the public employee unions needs to be exposed and destroyed. Period. Without reform like Wisconsin’s, Connecticut doesn’t stand a chance at fiscal sanity. Malloy is now part of the problem.

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