Lamont orders restaurants, bars to close doors, Norwalk offers assistance

3D print of a spike protein of SARS-CoV-2—also known as 2019-nCoV, the virus that causes COVID-19—in front of a 3D print of a SARS-CoV-2 virus particle. The spike protein (foreground) enables the virus to enter and infect human cells. On the virus model, the virus surface (blue) is covered with spike proteins (red) that enable the virus to enter and infect human cells. For more information, visit the NIH 3D Print Exchange at 3dprint.nih.gov. Credit: NIH

HARTFORD, Conn. – Restaurants and bars in the tri-state area have been ordered to move to take-out and delivery services only, as of 8 p.m. tonight, Monday March 16.

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy are implementing a regional approach to combatting the novel coronavirus – or COVID-19 – throughout the tri-state area, they said in a press release.

Movie theaters, gyms and fitness centers, and similar public workout facilities and studio will also be closed as of 8 p.m. Off-track betting facilities will close, as will New Jersey casinos.

“We must do everything we can as a community to slow the spread of this virus so that we don’t overwhelm our healthcare system and we protect the most vulnerable,” Lamont is quoted as saying. “Viruses do not know borders, which is why taking a regional approach on this issue is the best plan forward. A national approach to these measures would be the best option to slow and mitigate the spread of this virus.”

Norwalk subsequently announced, “The City’s Economic and Community Development Team has been in contact with many local businesses and the Chambers of Commerce. Any Norwalk business with specific questions are encouraged to reach out to Jessica Casey, Chief of Economic and Community Development at [email protected].”

The Governor’s release said:

 “These uniform standards will limit crowd capacity for social and recreational gatherings to 50 people effective 8PM tonight. This follows updated guidance that the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued yesterday recommending the cancellation or postponement of in-person events consisting of 50 people or more.

 “The three governors also announced that restaurants and bars that serve food will temporarily be required to move to take-out and delivery services only. Bars that do not serve food will be required to temporarily close. These measures will take effect at 8PM tonight.

 “Finally, the three governors said they will temporarily close movie theaters, gyms and fitness centers, and similar public workout facilities and studios. New York and New Jersey will close commercial casinos effective at 8PM tonight. Governor Lamont will do the same for the state’s physical off-track betting facilities, noting their willingness to voluntarily close. In addition, Governor Lamont and Governor Cuomo are strongly urging their tribal partners to close tribal casinos.

“This uniform approach to social distancing is meant to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus or COVID-19.”

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