Last debate focused on tax breaks, boat names

The general election is Tuesday, Nov. 4.
The general election is Tuesday, Nov. 4.

HARTFORD, Conn. – In the final televised debate before Tuesday’s election, Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy and Republican challenger Tom Foley sparred over tax breaks for senior citizens and retired teachers. They also talked about where their boats got their names.

In a wide-ranging debate hosted by WTNH, the two major party candidates who are running against each for the second time in four years, squabbled over each other’s positions on issues and attacked each other’s character in order to win over undecided voters.

Foley said he would eliminate the state income tax on Social Security benefits and teachers pensions if he’s elected governor.

“I’d like to ask the governor if he will commit to do that same thing this morning?” Foley said.

“Tom, I’ve already taken steps to do it,” Malloy replied.

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5 responses to “Last debate focused on tax breaks, boat names”

  1. Kathleen Montgomery

    Whomever Charles is he did indeed ask an interesting question. The definition of “Odalisque” is a female slave or concubine in a Turkish harem. Foley does seem proud of that as a name for his boat.

  2. piberman

    The “debate” was perhaps entertaining if not terribly informative. According to the Governor the name of a yacht and tax returns are iimportant issues. According to the challenger its sufficient to say he’ll hold the line on taxes without specifying how to accomplish that goal sans unspecified spending cuts. One remembers the Governor’s promise 4 years ago not to raise taxes. Even Gov. Weicker had that pledge and then introduced a real doozey – the state income tax. Who knows may be the real issue is which candidate would raise taxes the most, not which one would raise taxes. On how they would deal with the projected 2.8 billion budget deficit coming up neither commented. Maybe because the question wasn’t asked. But it would have been “interesting”. Neither looks like Presidential “timber”. So.
    At day’s end this debate was no more informative than the ones held locally. Maybe we’re lucky !

  3. One and Done

    Who cares about the state and our death spiral accelerating under Malloy? What did you name your boat? That was the longest discussion in the debate. Can we possibly get lower?

  4. Oldtimer

    Odalisque is a 125 ft steel motor yacht now listed by Northrop & Johnson for 4.9 million, built in 1973 and extensively refitted in 2008. It is in Fort Lauderdale, but flagged (registered) at George Town, Cayman Islands. The governor makes a good point on the name. Vessel has had several (6) prior names. Foley says changing the name when he bought it would have been an expense. Some believe changing the name is bad luck. Ship requires crew of 8, carries 7 passengers. Vessel carries 9,400 gallons of fuel and 6000 gallons of water. Most vessels in this class will show any sale to an American citizen happening only outside the country. (some tax savings, I guess)

  5. Piberman

    We’ve had all sorts of governors in CT. One with a megayacht could be interesting. At least everyone would know that CT’s Governor understands business. That could be a real “awakening” in CT. Rising waters lift all boats !

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