Lavielle offers no solutions, just criticism and obfuscation

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Dave Ryan is the communications director for Keith Rodgerson for State Representative (CT-143)

To the Editor:

In brushing aside the endorsement that Keith received from the American Federation of Teachers (AFT CT), Rep. Lavielle mentions that she “…makes it a point to listen to the teachers themselves.” Yet, the AFT is teachers, and with their endorsement, they have sent a clear message as to who they want representing the CT-143rd in Hartford.

Rep. Lavielle also mentions having proposed two pieces of legislation to revise the formula for ECS funding. What she cleverly neglects to mention is that both of these proposed bills were sent to the Education Committee (of which she is a member) and never made it out. This begs the larger question: If she can’t persuade members of her own committee to listen to her point of view, how does this best serve our district and our concerns?

Instead of releasing a comprehensive, reasoned and specific education plan, Rep. Lavielle has decided to take the much easier path and disparage the education plan that Keith recently released. Being a contrarian and only saying “you’re wrong” or “I don’t agree with you” doesn’t produce results. Tangible ideas are what make the difference.

Thank you for giving the same courtesy to respond that you did to Rep. Lavielle (via her email). I look further to continued debate this election season.

Dave Ryan


11 responses to “Lavielle offers no solutions, just criticism and obfuscation”

  1. Bill

    Rodgerson is a man on the government dole of Bridgeport living in Wilton…does anything else need to be said about his character?

    1. Mark Chapman


      (No. 2 updated 5:18 p.m.)

      1. A government job is not the government dole, it is compensation for real work. Rodgerson used to run the Bridgeport Office of Planning and Economic Development, and is on the website as late as fall 2013. He is no longer employed by the city, which I confirmed today via phone call to the OPED office.

      2. The non-profit Rodgerson is connected to is not a government agency, and is now based in Wilton. Neighborhood District Economic Development Corporation was registered Feb. 20, 2014 with the state of Connecticut. The business ID number is 1132397. As it is less than a year old, there is no annual report. It is not a 501c3 non-profit, according to Mr. Rodgerson. Stay turned for more reporting on the NDEDC as we profile the candidates.

  2. We Deserve Better


    What do you mean by “…on the government dole of Bridgeport”? Do you have any specifics or is this just an ad hominem attack on Connecticut’s largest city?

  3. One and Done

    So the union endorsed candidate presides over NEON North?
    You really can’t make this stuff up.
    Hopefully One run and done!

  4. Bill

    This is a huge stretch, lol, but a man who has only made money working in government might not be well suited at making money in the real world where we have budget constraints and deadlines, this leads me to assume that the “non-profit” will likely make plenty of profits off the government.

  5. Mike Lyons

    What the author cleverly neglects to mention is that both of these proposed bills to fix the unfair treatment of Norwalk in the ECS formula were killed by the Democrats on the Education Committee. And to cure this we’re supposed to vote for another Democrat?

  6. John Hamlin

    an endorsement by the teachers union or any public employee union should be the kiss of death — a huge red flag that the candidate is less likely than the opponent to change the fiscally abysmal status quo.

  7. Oyster

    That’s a dangerous suggestion in a Democracy that we stamped out with a revolution and a constitution. The notion that only business people are fit to run government leads to running government for the benefit of business. And there are a heck of a lot of “businesspeople” that run businesses into the ground. I wouldn’t want them anywhere near the government checkbook.
    The fact is, many people who would made excellent businesspeople choose to use their skills to help others–and to serve in the public sector. Mr. Rodgerson has done both, and should be respected for doing so.

  8. Bill

    @Oyster, yes, Rodgerson has helped others so much that he has also helped himself into a nice big Wilton house. Must be nice to care so much about others….LOL

  9. DJ

    Bill…Lavielle is the candidate with only four years American corporate experience. You are confusing Rodgerson’s career with Lavielle’s retirement at 52. Must be nice. I looked at the land records. His house is 1353 s.f. Keep serving up your nasty partisan Kool Aid. How do you make your living? You are probably a toxic tort lawyer or some other kind of […] Lavielle booster with zero environmental credibility, no?

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  10. DJ

    The reason I mention class action toxic torts is because Mr. Rodgerson has been trolled by a tea party blogger who is a former GOP PR consultant, congressional campaign manager, and class action toxic torts defense lawyer. Ms. Lavielle should be judged by the company she keeps.

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