Lavielle undeserving of League of Conservation Voters backing

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To the Editor:

The League of Conservation Voters (LCV) got their endorsement wrong this year. Despite Gail Lavielle’s authorship and sponsorship of bills to liquidate open space and shut down funding to state infrastructure [with serious environmental consequences], they decided to endorse her. She also opposed LCV and voter-supported initiatives to punish polluters and label toxins on children’s products.

Claiming in their release that Lavielle has been “a reliable champion of the environment since she first set foot in the Capitol,” the CT LCV gave Rep. Lavielle a 64/100 rating during that freshman year. That is the bar they are setting? In 2014, it has withheld its highest rating based on Ms. Lavielle’s voting in favor of legislation that would reduce penalties on polluters.

When Gail was elected in 2011 her first legislative action was a misguided and partisan attempt to shut down transportation and infrastructure bonding statewide.   Her anti-environmental vote this year in favor of polluters demonstrates her continued lifelong advocacy on behalf of those who seek to transgress environmental health.

The LCV and voters in Norwalk, Wilton, and Westport have another choice, a better choice for conservation issues. Candidate for State Representative Keith Rodgerson will support LCV-supported bills. He understands that the earth we leave for our children will be based on decisions we make today. Rodgerson, the father of a young son, will make the right choices for our environment if he is chosen to represent us in November.

Harriet Scureman,



14 responses to “Lavielle undeserving of League of Conservation Voters backing”

  1. Bill

    Yes, vote for the guy who makes enough money off of Bridgeport taxpayers to live in Wilton. Aren’t government jobs amazing!!!! Where can I find one? I live in Norwalk and make a lowly private sector salary but my taxes are so high I can’t afford anything close to wilton.

  2. anon

    Feisty for a tree hugger.

  3. Bill

    I’ll take a professor who actually teaches children rather than Neighborhood District Economic Development Director, whatever the heck that is.

  4. Milton

    One look at her record and there can be no doubt why Gail Lavielle deserved the endorsement from the LCV. Just to name a few items from her outstanding list of achievements;

    SB 70 – A bill on the preservation of public lands. Gail was a co-sponsor and voted for the bill. You can check out her testimony in support of the bill here. – GAIL VOTED YES

    HB 6527 – To require any infant formula or baby food sold or intended for sale in the state of Connecticut to include clear and conspicuous labeling if the infant formula or baby food contains any genetically engineered materials. – GAIL CO- SPONSORED AND VOTED YES

    SB 443 – Ban genetically engineered grass seed. Gail was one of 37 house members to vote for it and one of only 2 Republicans to support the bill. – GAIL VOTED YES

    SB 46 – To expand the ban on the use of lawn care pesticides in schools to include schools with students in grades nine to twelve, inclusive. – GAIL VOTED YES

    Or SB 237 Prohibiting storage or disposal of fracking waste – GAIL VOTED YES

    HB 5431 – Permit businesses to remediate first time regulatory violations without penalty if done in a timely manner. Any rational thinking person would support this – GAIL VOTED YES

    HB 6528 – To encourage clean marina practices by providing clean marinas with additional grant eligibility and a preference in the awarding of grants for harbor improvement projects. – GAIL VOTED YES

    too many more to list here

  5. Milton

    FYI Bill the Economic Development Corporation is a company that the Carpetbagger from Bridgeport started only in February of 2014. I am not sure if he started the company to benefit his political career or is hoping to use a political career to benefit his own business. Maybe both.


  6. John Hamlin

    This is another non-race. Clearly the incumbent will be re-elected.

  7. Donald Jones

    Not a single blog post here addressed anything in the letter. Just Gail’s staff shilling and generalized GOP nastiness.

  8. Milton

    DJ – You don’t read too well do you. Not only did I address the lies presented in the letter, I provided evidence to back it up.

    If all KR has is mudslinging and lies then he needs to go back to the drawing board.

    FYI Gail Lavielle has also received the endorsement from the Sierra Club. I am sure we will be seeing another sour grapes letter come out about that as well….

  9. Donald Jones

    This letter is a straightforward telling of verifiable facts. Calling a fact a lie does not make it so. Your list of “accomplishments” (none of which Gail introduced) does not make her an environmental steward. She left CT to work for the state’s biggest polluter. She’s spent her life selling smokes, Wal Mart and weapons of mass destruction. Of her 102 failed bills she introduced not a single environmental piece of legislation. Not one. Done.

  10. Milton

    So verify them

  11. Donald Jones

    CT LCV gave Rep. Lavielle a 64/100 rating during that freshman year. Look it up. CT LCV raings this year cite her pro-pollution vote and stated the need to pass toxins legislation.

    Her opposition to kids toxins being labelled? Covered in national press, here: http://www.publicintegrity.org/2013/09/09/13323/new-battleground-over-toxic-reform-american-chemistry-council-targets-states

    Don’t tell me someone with such a fastidious collection of her votes needs verification on such matters. Keep saying untruths and eventually people will believe them, right?

  12. Milton

    This is what you call national news? OK. The article calls Representative Lavielle out for asking questions at a hearing and voicing concern for the business environment. They even put “due diligence” in quotation marks to somehow suggest that it is a bad thing. I guess you prefer the old “we have to pass the bill so that we can find out what is in it” approach to government. The fact that Gail asks a lot of questions to ensure they get it right shows just the sort of thoughtful leadership we need in Hartford.

    Can you please list the “pro-pollution” bill number that Gail voted on. Are you referring to the bill HB 5431? Also list the bill number of the 2011 infrastructure bonding bill mentioned in the letter. You said all these facts are easily verifiable. So again, please verify with specific bill numbers.

    With endorsements not only by the LCV but also the Sierra Club, I think her record is unimpeachable.

  13. Marlboro Lady

    This comment has been disallowed because of our policy against sock puppets.

  14. Donald Jones

    Her record is flawed. LCV issued their endorsement because they always endorse incumbents and they need token Republicans. The same with the Sierra Club. She’ll advocate for out-of-state corporations looking to hurt our children, seniors, economy, environment and way of life every time. When she wants to become a better legislator she goes to ALEC meetings in New Orleans instead of out to the very people she has hurt over the last 25 years with her intemperate Koch brothers agenda and staid professional PR.

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