Lawmakers aim to change gun laws

HARTFORD, Conn. – Lawmakers have proposed nearly a dozen bills concerning gun control so far this session. The proposals include both efforts tighten and ease Connecticut’s regulation of firearms.

The legislature generally declined to take up gun policy during last year’s short, election year session as major elements of the sweeping post-Sandy Hook gun regulation law were still taking effect. But individual lawmakers are permitted to propose bills during longer, odd-year sessions and several have taken the opportunity this year to call for changes to state gun laws.

Of the proposals, the most likely to see passage is a bill changing how courts respond when a gun owner becomes the subject of a temporary restraining order.

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One response to “Lawmakers aim to change gun laws”

  1. Suzanne

    “Gun laws” is right! There are so many meticulously drawn bills none which seem to have a coherent order. I wish luck to gun enthusiasts and those against guns in the hands of every citizen in trying to figure out what is what, who is for what and who is against what.

    What CT needs is a “gun flow” bill that describes in logical and clear order section and subsection of every firearms bill under specific categories.

    This hodge podge could well have citizens breaking and keeping laws and having no idea why.

    No where do I see, at least in this article, the major issue of mental illness as a contributor to mishandling guns. I am sure it is separated out some where, isolated in the land of legislation far away from the land of relevance.

    This should not be a partisan issue. Now that they can breathe and don’t feel the pressure cooker of the Newtown tragedy, it would seem wise to get down to brass tacks, considering the restrictive, as it should be, legislation and deliver some bills in context.

    Are the elected officials confused? Of course they are! Could a few more of these elected officials join together in figuring out a coherent response? I would think so but, then, that would mean crossing the aisle.

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