Lawmakers seek to ban GMO grass

HARTFORD, Conn. – Opponents of genetically modified organisms and pesticides are pushing to enact the first ever ban on GMO grass to prevent the development of pesticide-resistant “super weeds.”

“This is nothing less than an arms race of toxic chemicals aimed directly at the health of our people and the health of our environment,” Senate President Donald Williams said at a Friday press conference. “Once you start going down this road of relying more and more on toxic herbicides, you’re guaranteed to have to use stronger and stronger poisons as time goes on.”

Williams and other advocates are hoping to add language banning genetically modified grass seeds and genetically modified landscape plants to an existing bill, which would expand restrictions on using pesticides on school grounds and other public land.

This new effort represents a collaboration between people critical of pesticide usage and opponents of genetically modified organisms. The anti-GMO crowd mobilized last year and saw a legislative victory when Connecticut became the first state to take steps toward requiring labels on foods that contain GMOs.

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  1. John Levin

    This is very sad. If you are worried about pesticide use, then ban pesticides. If you are worried about pesticide resistant weeds, then ban pesticides. Banning GMO anything is just plain stupid. What if a scientist develops a GMO grass strain that requires less water? That’s kind of a good thing, right? Or what if a scientist develops a way to insert the human gene for insulin into bacteria to produce an easily extractable form of human insulin? Ooops, that’s already happened. I suppose that the knuckledheads would prefer the diabetics go back to using “natural” pig insulin? Science education, anyone?

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