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Dear City and Community Leaders,

As you know, Dr. Steven Adamowski will retire at the end of the month after serving as superintendent of Norwalk Public Schools for five years.

While the COVID-19 crisis has changed original plans for an in-person retirement celebration, we wanted to make sure that all who wish to have an opportunity to offer him their best wishes and congratulations.  If you would like to share a message for Dr. A., please fill out the brief form at the link below. We are compiling messages from across the district and city, and will present them all to him as a keepsake before his departure.

Retirement Message for Dr. Adamowski


The deadline for submissions is end of day on Wednesday, June 24.

Thank you. For any questions or issues, please feel free to contact me.


Brenda Wilcox Williams

Chief Communications Officer


2 responses to “Leave a message for Dr. Adamowski”

  1. Niz

    Barbis once noted how Adamowski Knew & was current with educational data, facts & figures & how priceless is it. I hope Adamowski’s replacenent takes the time to appreciate it enough to study it as he did.

  2. Concerned Taxpayer

    Stay in the loop, let taxpayers know how things went, more-so your true feelings on the new high school.

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