Let’s hear it for our teachers

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So many people are doing literally heroic work in their jobs to keep our society intact in the face of unprecedented public health and economic disruption. My hat goes off to all workers striving to make it through each day. But right now, I want to take a moment to give special kudos to our teachers.

Even in “normal” times, we know that teachers take on so much more than they’re given credit for. They cater to the individualized needs of students in growing classes. They balance the evolving requirements of standardized testing. They are often surrogate parents to children who may be dealing with various forms of emotional or psychological stress.

All of this has been exacerbated as we’ve navigated what school looks like in the midst a global deadly pandemic. Teachers are now putting themselves and their loved ones at greater risk so that our children can continue to have some semblance of a stable education. As an educator myself, and a member of the Norwalk Board of Education, I could not be more inspired or grateful.

And it is in that vein that I think it is more critical than ever to think about how we support our teachers in the 2020 election. Our political leaders make decisions that have cascading effects on our public schools. One such leader who has kept our teachers at the center of her focus is State Representative Lucy Dathan. This isn’t about parties or politics. This is about a real record of supporting public education, whether it’s through her support of the School Recess Bill, or the construction of a state-of-the-art new Norwalk High school. This is about HB5088, which seeks to provide additional resources to our growing bilingual school population. Lucy has a proven track record of supporting our students and teachers. I am honored to support her reelection this November.

Once again, to our teachers: we see you, and we are grateful for the tireless work you are doing in incredibly challenging times. Our children are lucky to have you.


Colin Hosten

Norwalk Board of Education, At-Large

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