Letter: After the Bell at SoNoCC

True partnership and collaboration produced a much needed After the Bell program in South Norwalk. On behalf of the Board of Directors at SoNoCC, I would to thank all those involved in making this after-school program become a reality.

SoNoCC is excited to be a partner with Dr. Manuel Rivera and Norwalk Public Schools in creating a learning center in the heart of South Norwalk. This was truly a joint effort not only just by the superintendent, but also Mayor Rilling, Board of Education Chairman Mike Lyons, Council President Doug Hempstead, Council Majority Leader Jerry Petrini, and Council Minority Leader John Igneri along with our executive team at SoNoCC. Thank you all for your leadership as this is a model on how we can work together to accomplish great things in our community.

South Norwalk children are bused to eight different schools all over the city. Currently, there is not a home school in South Norwalk or what is referred to as District 99, which covers 17 neighborhoods. This does not leave our children enough time to participate in after-school programs if there is not a late bus or coordinated transportation. The After the Bell program will provide four days of additional learning during the week and also on Saturday mornings. This creates a positive neighborhood learning environment that allows South Norwalk children to be in educational programs benefiting their ongoing studies.

This partnership between SoNoCC and NPS opens the door for more parent engagement that is greatly needed in South Norwalk. The program will have teacher support, child care staff, human resource support, professional development, training, recreation with access to SoNoCC programs that include social services-case management, health clinics, adult education, SAT prep, literacy, voter registration, the arts, music, dance and family nights – a true multicultural feel.

The very last step in the process is for the full Council to approve the recommendations of the Planning Committee for an additional $100,000 in CDBG funds. I urge members of the Council to please work together so that we can create a friendlier, cleanlier, 21st century learning center at the South Norwalk Community Center come fall 2014.

Warren A. Peña

Warren A. Peña is chairman of the SoNoCC Board of Directors and a candidate for the Democratic nomination for state representative in District 140.




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  1. the donut hole

    council minority leader is who? lmao.

  2. Gerry K

    Pena obviously had nothing to do with any of this and is now trying to seem like he did by thanking everyone in the world. That he didn’t know that Mr. Igneri has not been minority leader for some time and certainly hasn’t played any part in doing something that is almost a one man effort on the part of Dr Rivera is cause for a “lmao” for sure, donut hole.

  3. SoNoCC

    @Gerry K:
    The executive management team at SoNoCC would like to make it perfectly clear that our Chairman, Warren Pena, has had an integral role in the year long process of bringing the “After The Bell” program to SoNoCC. We thank Dr. Rivera for his collaborative efforts throughout this process. We also thank the Norwalk Redevelopment Agency for their assistance. Finally, we are extremely thankful for the bipartisan support of the Board of Education and the Common Council who held steadfast against resistance, often from within their political bodies, to do what is right for the children in South Norwalk. And, for the record, FORMER minority leader John Igneri, along with a number of common Council and BOE members, democrats and republicans alike, took the time to visit us, see our plans, and ask questions to fully understand the value this Program will bring to the South Norwalk community.

  4. Stuck in the Middle

    and that comes directly from the pen of (Warren) Pena, no doubt, so you can trust in it.

    Editor’s note: Actually, unless he has hacked someone else’s email, it does not come from Mr. Pena.

  5. SoNoCC

    @Stuck in the Middle:
    Just so you know, SoNoCC comments are written by me, Pat Ferrandino, Deputy Director and Spokesperson for South Norwalk Community Center. I can assure you that Warren Pena does not in any way dictate what is and is not written in our NoN comments.

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