Letter: Go with Gold in Third Taxing District

By Susan Lane

To the Editor,

NORWALK, Conn. — On Nov. 5 the Rater Payers of the Third Taxing District will have a golden opportunity. Of the two candidates for the seat of Commissioner, one is clearly head and shoulders above the other in terms of vision, qualifications and genuine care and concern for the people and future of the district. I am talking about Debora Goldstein.

I have recently come to know Debora and find that she possesses a keen mind honed in the workplace through years of experience. She brings to the table abilities [the right stuff] needed and welcomed by the TTD Commission and Rate Payers of East Norwalk.

With her legal experience in reading and writing of contracts, public filings, audit practices, and binding agreements, Debora will bring a habit of due diligence to matters that come before the Commission.

Adding her business skills acquired through years of employment by large corporations Debora will help to ensure proper management of the important files, contracts as well as respectful treatment of employees and all people.

She is prudent in her spending as demonstrated in her campaign status, accepting no donations and limiting her expenditures. This ability, not only to adhere to a set budget, but also to decide if the cost of the expenditure outweighs the benefit, will ensure the Rate Payers interests are always foremost.

Debora is a visionary thinker, looking to keep our district moving forward into the 21st century, as demonstrated by her “Innovation for East Norwalk” announcement on October 24th.

In short, Debora Goldstein is the right choice for the TTD Commission, and right for East Norwalk. I hope you will join me in voting for Debora Goldstein on Tuesday, November 5th and put the best candidate for Third Taxing District Electric Commission in office.

Susan Lane

Rate Payer, East Norwalk


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