Letter: It’s time for a change

By Michael Foley

To the Editor:

NORWALK, Conn. — I am proud to call Harry Rilling my friend. We both have devoted our lives to the city Of Norwalk, Harry as a police officer and chief for 41 years and myself as a firefighter and lieutenant for 31 years. We both lived here in town and we have been city of Norwalk taxpayers our whole careers. My parents moved here from Long Island when I was a infant and Harry was born here.

I’ve had many dealings with him professionally, mostly during his tenure as chief. We all were trying to work out the combined dispatch center for the Police, Fire & EMS. All of different departments had their own ideas, and sometimes very heated debates were had on both sides. Mostly because change is hard to accomplish and with everyone being happy in the end. But we did it! There was give and take from all who were involved.

We both, at one time, were very involved in our respective Unions, in fact, we both became presidents of our own unions and we negotiated labor agreements for our members. We tried to make the best deal possible for all of the members that work and lived in Norwalk, as well as the citizens of Norwalk.

I think Norwalk needs a change and I  think Harry is the change we need! So please get out and vote for Harry on Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2013.

Michael Foley




3 responses to “Letter: It’s time for a change”

  1. Better Norwalk

    auf Wiedersehen Harry, Time to make that phone call to Newport before it’s too late!
    Moccia will win tomorrow!
    Voting Row A: Mayor Moccia, a Mayor with Moccia-mentum!

  2. Don’t Panic

    Mr. Moccia has chosen to stand on his record, which is why he will lose, no matter how many cute slogans you coin.

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