Letter: Kydes proud to carry Working Families Party banner

By John Kydes

To the Editor

NORWALK, Conn. – As a lifetime Norwalk resident, I have seen the great things the Working Families Party has done for our city. The WFP has fought for the rights of individuals who would otherwise not have a voice and for this I am honored to have their endorsement. If elected, I will be the voice on the Common Council for Norwalk’s working families.

In recent years, Norwalk residents have watched their property values decrease, their taxes go up and the educational system struggle. These issues require that Norwalk changes the way it does business. With improved economic development, we can guarantee that new jobs allow residents to live in the community without the need of state assistance.

As a Norwalk business owner for over 20 years, I have seen the quality of jobs decrease and the cost of living rise. Minimum wage jobs that once were used by teenagers and seniors are now being filled by individuals struggling to support themselves and their families. We must understand that continuing to create low income jobs will ultimately hurt the future of Norwalk. It is my goal to create good jobs that allow Norwalk residents the opportunity to live a sustainable life.

Elected officials often use the creation of new jobs for political promotion and leave the public unaware of the future negative impact. By shaping our future with development that creates little city revenue, increased traffic and low income jobs, we are setting ourselves up for future financial struggles. If elected, I will put the best interest of the city ahead of my own political gain.

By using the values of the WFP and good common sense, I will make the choices for Norwalk that benefit residents now and for years to come.

John Kydes

Common Council Candidate, District C



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  1. George P

    Working Families party is nothing but a front for the unions. They have never done a thing except strong arm people into doing anything possible to support the public unions and to put more money into the pockets of the unions. …

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  2. D(ysfunctional)TC

    The Working Families Party has been cross endorsing Communist Party USA candidates across the country. Don’t be fooled. The party name itself is an oxymoron. No one really works and they are anti-family.

  3. As a lifetime Norwalk resident, I have seen the great things the Working Families Party has done for our city.

    If so, then why didn’t he name one of them?

  4. EastNorwalkChick

    I’ve known John for some years now, he is a hard working small businessman. He is honest and fair with his customers and unbelievably great to his employees. So much so, that he has retained many of them for over 10 yrs., highly usual in the trades business….sorry guys, all NON-UNION WORKERS.
    I recently chatted with him at the Mobil Station D&D, (on the corner of East Ave. and Winfield St., were just about everyone in E. Norwalk gets their coffee in the morning), I was impressed by the questions he asked of me in order to get my opinion on various issues facing Norwalk and at the time he took answering my questions on what he would try to do to tackle them.
    He’s got my vote.
    BTW, he is self financing, so he won’t be beholding to anyone…UNION or NON-UNION.

  5. NorwalkLifer

    Met John at an event recently and he seems like great guy.

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