Letter: Norwalk needs Harry Rilling

By Daniel V. Obuchowski and Elsa Peterson Obuchowski

NORWALK, Conn. – With the Sept. 10 Democratic mayoral primary approaching, we have given serious thought to which candidate most deserves our votes. While all of the four Democratic candidates have some good ideas, we are proud to support Harry Rilling to become Norwalk’s next mayor.

As a lifelong Norwalk resident and 41-year veteran of the police department, Rilling knows Norwalk inside and out.  His fine record as chief of police demonstrates that he has what it takes to efficiently and effectively manage a multimillion-dollar budget and a workforce of hundreds.

Though Rilling was an active Democrat in past decades, he appropriately avoided partisan politics during his 17 years as chief, and this has earned him a reputation as a leader who can bring people, organizations, and departments together to work for the common good. Norwalk needs a proven leader who will put an end to infighting and lack of cooperation among the many stakeholders in our city’s government, and Harry Rilling is that leader. We can see from the admirable way he has conducted his campaign that, as mayor, Rilling will make good on his pledge to make our municipal government accessible, transparent, and civil.

Last but not least, Rilling is the one Democrat who can defeat Moccia in November. If you believe, as we do, that Norwalk can do better—vote for Harry Rilling on Sept. 10.


Daniel V. Obuchowski and Elsa Peterson Obuchowski



3 responses to “Letter: Norwalk needs Harry Rilling”

  1. Admo

    You forgot gangs escalated under his watch While he and Duck Moccia and Sal Corda all denied there were gangs in Norwalk.We need “new” blood in Norwalk not someone from the old boys network!

  2. spanner

    The hatred some of share towards Mayor Moccia should’t be a selling point for Harry.Harry created some of the fear residents are experiencing who think a vote for him will make us all safer.Norwalk homegrown doesn’t always work look at facts not the hype.Three men who took their own lives working for Harry seems a bit much for any head of a dept no matter who you are.Lot of smoking mirrors only leaves doubt on leadership in a city this size.The accreditation process over the years of the Norwalk police dept had only left questions not answers to any of our crime problems and solutions in Norwalk.While Harry was in charge many times over the years when victims waited in the upwwards of an hour for translators from other police departments to come and sort out crime scenes and health issues of innocnet victims while perps trails went cold.The very same people he is trying to convince he did everything he could back then to bridge the gap,that is so wrong to lead people in such false pretenses.The question in the Norwalk police dept to this day as it was before is there anyone on who speaks Spanish on each shift .Not much got done back then to those approx 50 percent who spoke Spanish our State reps even ignored this issue telling us all the doubt after they spoke to Harry about this issue.Truth is some of those who spoke only Spanish are life long residents of Norwalk that in 17 years have stayed and made great lives in Norwalk but it seemed without Harrys help when it was needed the most.Crime sould of been fought years ago when it was needed most .What we don’t need right now is Harry or Dick or any other politician who thinks informed voters are clueless and want more of the same.Time to clean house and educate those who want that quallty of life that has been taken from all of us.These bar fights in the city are not new its almost like a ritual and has been for years drink party and fight in Norwalk and that hasn’t changed for over 17 years whats that suggest?Not only a good memory but fact.

  3. Mike Mushak

    Great letter! Harry is a terrific choice on September 10th to finally retire Moccia who has tired ideas and no management skills and is bankrupting Norwalk’s future.

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