Letter: Republican outreach just a political calculation

To the Editor:

In Response to Mr. Enrique Santiago:

Enrique, lamento decirte que estas muy equivocado. I am suggesting that you are very much misled in your assessment of the pats on the back you are receiving from the “Republican Outreach” representatives. Because of your obvious youth, one can make allowances for the glow you are experiencing as a result of the sudden attention you are getting from Republicans who have had a miraculous awakening. They’ve discovered during the past several years that Latinos as voters are becoming a force with which to reckon.

It’s becoming clear to the Republicans that their “West Side Story” perspective of the “Jets” against the “Sharks” has cost them elections and that it’s time to convert to the story of Tony and Maria before the next curtain comes down.

Ask yourselves, Enrique and Ms. Lakshmi Singh and Ms. Olga Arteaga, what have Republicans ever done for Latinos or Hispanics or people of any shade of brown? You point out that Republicans have almost always been associated with being the privileged classes. Well, let me give you one observation from one old timer and a naturalized immigrant who once was actually a registered Republican: membership in that party doesn’t automatically give you entrée into a high-paying corporate job or into the “best” social circles. Just take the “Kool Aid” they are giving you to drink, as Ms. Olga Arteaga so graphically puts it, help them gain control of the U.S. Senate (as they have overtaken the U.S. House of Representatives) and watch their welcoming pats and smiles turn to other directions besides your own.

The only things that can bring you success not only as a good American but as a caring human being are hard work, a good education and a sense of compassion for all those who are not as able as yourself. I put it to you that this consistently has been the mantra of the Democratic Party.

Rod Lopez-Fabrega


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  1. EnriqueSantiago

    Mr. Lopez
    I’m not ” lamento decirte que estas muy equivocado.”One of the reasons I joined the Republican Party, is because I believe in individual achievement. I understand that people need help every now and then, but they shouldn’t live of the government. And I’m not saying that only Democrat lives of the government. If you think the Republican outreach
    is a political calculation you should come to our next meeting you are more
    than welcome to join.

    Enrique A Santiago

  2. Rod Lopez-Fabrega


    I hope you will come to realize you have climbed on the wrong wagon before you are sorely disappointed.

    I applauld you for your basic sentiments of individual achievement, etc. However, one should point out the countless individuals who, for lack of opportunity or for health reasons or for lack of education (have you seen college costs lately?) do not have the ability or the strength to pull themselves up in this highly competitive society. Are these to be abandoned by the richest country in the world? It is not the Democrats who now wish to chip away at Medicare, eventually eliminate social security, take away school lunch programs from kids who depend on them, etc., etc.
    Has no one in your family ever needed a helping hand from these programs?

    As Mark Chapman so eloquently points out in his article today: “Fifty years ago, President Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, a transformational piece of legislation that began a long, and some would say ongoing, march to equality for minorities in America. The Voting Rights Act of 1965 followed, then the Fair Housing Act of 1968.”

    And before him, Franklin Roosevelt brought us social security, giving at least some modicum of support to those millions out there whose resources were wiped out by The Depression or now remain jobless after the current fiascos of our banking systems and loss of manufacturing jobs as industries are driven overseas.

    Now, I’m not suggesting that the Democrat vs. Republican thing is a case of the good guys against the bad. One has to keep an eye on politicians of all stripes who are more and more constrained by the demands of our destructive electoral system and who, increasingly are being bought outright by special interests (just think ‘Koch Brothers’ and our lame Supreme Court’s rulings on campaign finance). However, on balance, the Democrats have shown more often and continue to show that government of, by and for the people refers all of us and not just to the privileged few.

  3. anonymous

    @Fabrega, don’t forget to add public sector unions when you speak of “politicians of all stripes… who, increasingly are being bought outright by special interests.”

  4. Silence Dogood

    “have you seen college costs lately?” Does the writer know who has controlled academia and the runaway costs for decades now?

  5. anonymous

    high college costs=tenured professors and public private unions.

  6. SMH

    The writer sounds a scorned sports fan when his favorite player leaves to join another team. Guess what? This is America. Not only the home of the brave but also The Land of the free and you ought to let the man make his own choices. Certainly you were afforded that option. No?

  7. Gerry K

    Wow. Rod Lopez Fabrega breaks new grounds even for a dyed in the wool democrat. No one else can have an opinion? No one else can value hard work and opportunity over hand outs?

    Rod, really? What have Republicans done “for Latinos or Hispanics or people of any shade of brown”? Is that really the way you think? You need some help, as you are the worst kind of racist.

    Judge each man by the content of their character. That might be one of the most basic tenets ever. You really are judging two parties because one is going to give you more? Get a job, work for yourself, don’t look for government to give you a hand out.

  8. Oyster

    The suggestion that Democrats don’t believe in individual achievement, and the intimation that Dems are all free-loading is just plain offensive.
    Dems also happen to believe in leveling the playing field so that striving is rewarded no matter one’s starting point. The party of privilege applauds winning races with a giant head start.

  9. Rod Lopez-Fabrega

    Oh yes…I forgot to ask (but my wife reminded me): Who is it that is against giving women equal pay for equal work? Who is it that is doing everything possible to make it as difficult as possible for minorities to vote through such sly means as eliminating late registration, moving polling places to inaccessible (for many) locations, gerrymandering districts, and on and on?

  10. anonymous

    Rod be fair and ask Obama why his White House pays female staff 88 cents to every $1.00 paid to a male.

  11. Missy Conrad

    We the people are the government. In this democratic republic, we send our representatives to our government. But, we do have to keep in touch with them. To reduce the influence that money has on our government, everyone must pay basically for our democracy though taxes for public financing. An act proposed in Congress presently, Government by the People Act, HR20, would empower small dollar campaign donors by matching their campaign contributions with public funds. The US Supreme Court did rule that our Congress should pass laws to fix the influence of money in our politics.

  12. Suzanne

    Cynical at best. How does Mr. Lopez-Fabrega suggest the evil Republicans change? Instead of further polarization, one would think more people with values would join the evil Republican planet and make change. Further devaluing the one of two parties only furthers the animosity and the inability to work together to make change. Mr. Lopez-Fabrega, your writing disenfranchises this young man further rather than convincing him or anyone that the Dems are better. In other words, your words are a poor strategy – you have lowered yourself to the very standards to which you object.

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