Letter: Shame on you, Norwalk Land Trust

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To the Editor:

What has happened to the Rowayton I grew up in?  So much has been said over the past few weeks about Bruce Beinfield, the Norwalk Land Trust and my neighborhood of the past 65 years, Pine Point. During those 65 years, a house sat upon the old trolley tracks and it never bothered anyone.  Pine Point was established in 1929 by Ralph Case, who established a set of deed restrictions prohibiting public use of Pine Point land. His intention was that only single-family homes could be built in the neighborhood. This great idea has worked out fine, and we have all lived in peace and paid our taxes.

Two Nearwater Road is a legal building lot, just as all the other houses on the Creek, and has been taxed by the city for eons.  Mr. Beinfield came along and bought that little cottage and decided he wanted to build a new house.  Because it is wet lands, the house had to be built to code and would have stuck out like a sore thumb.  So, he entered into a contract with the Norwalk Land Trust that wound up being in violation of the Pine Point deed restrictions from 1929.  I don’t need to get into the legalities of that, but it’s a lot more complex than just saying “Don’t worry, what could happen?”

Once he realized he was in an unwinnable situation, Mr. Beinfield managed to turn it into a win for everyone. He put forth plans to our neighborhood association and to the NLT to build a simple house, on par with every other house surrounding it, on Nearwater Rod. The house is to be built with similar setbacks to every other house on that part of Pine Point Road, NOT in the middle of Farm Creek. I understand he has also offered to redefine the deed restrictions so as to prevent anyone from ever developing anything on that little spit of land ever again.

There are a bunch of people running around saying everything including that Mr. Beinfield is building further out on to the spit, to slamming him personally and even threatening him and his business. The residents of Pine Point are also being condemned and portrayed as selfish — this with all the loop walkers strolling by day and night on our private roads. When did Rowayton and the Norwalk Land Trust become a bunch of entitled thugs?  Mr. Beinfield’s plan to build at the street impacts no one any more than any other house in this neighborhood or any other new house in Rowayton proper.

The Norwalk Land Trust has lost an honorable woman in Kathy Siever, who I am told has resigned as president. The Land Trust’s lawyer stood up and swore to us that the Pine Point vote would be honored. Instead we got an angry Rowayton mob sent to try and scare us. All I can say Shame on You, Norwalk Land Trust!  Shame on you for coming into my neighborhood and telling me what I need to do and how I need to accept the changes that you want. This is ridiculous.  Let the man build his house and actually save the rest of the peninsula for all time.

Marie and Ralph Arcamone


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