Letter: Sherelle Harris for Board of Education

By Rosemeri Thorne

To The Editor:

NORWALK, Conn. – Most people know me as Rose Anderson. My father was the first Black fireman in Norwalk and the first Black fire chief in Norwalk and Greenwich. This was during a time when race was a major deal in society, but my father never let race play as an issue because he was good at his career.

I am writing this letter in support of Sherelle Harris, who is running for the board of education because she is similar. She is a confident Black woman who is not naïve to racism or the game, but chose to rise above that to serve children.

As a librarian, she has worked with The Norwalk Housing Authority and NEON in an effort to serve the Black community while also setting up programs in Spanish and Russian. She has programmed for most of the cultures in Norwalk. She has written about education prolifically and understands the issues Norwalk faces, particularly with underserved communities.

She has always wondered if our curriculum was getting the best out of our children and shares state data with me. I am a special education parent and Sherelle has a special needs sister, so she is sensitive to my issues. My daughter is 10 and I met Sherelle when she was in preschool and her class would visit the library or Sherelle would visit the preschool. I could tell Sherelle has a heart for children and their development. We have been friends since.

She is not a cliquish person and I respect that. In the position she is in as a librarian, she works with many different types of people. As a matter of fact, she moves in such diverse circles that if you put all of the people she gets along with in a room together, they would probably kill each other. I endorse her because she is the type of person who will help anyone she can to get the job done, but does not ascribe to any cliques.

Mrs. Rosemeri Thorne



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  1. EastNorwalkChick

    Great endorsement letter, as Rose Thorne states, her many years as a librarian, she has worked with a diverse group of people, these are the type of people we need on the City Council, the Commissions and especially on the BOE.
    I don’t know if it’s because of blogs like NoN, highlighting each candidate running, but for the first time I feel like an informed voter.
    Thank you Nancy and Mark…

  2. Lisa Thomson

    Great endorsement letter for an even greater candidate!

  3. Lisa Thomson

    East Norwalk Chick
    If you want a bi-partisan, fiscally responsive, reform minded BOE that can work together to support our new nationally ranked superintendent vote for Sherelle, Lauren Rosato and re-elect Sue Haynie and Heidi Keyes. These ‘chicks’ will continue the work with the BOE who brought in Dr. Rivera. Just imagine, we could have a great superintendent and a BOE that supports his reforms!

  4. Don’t Panic

    Don’t forget the many other positions for which women are running. There were only three positions on the council last term held by women out of 15.

  5. EveT

    Sherelle Harris demonstrates a thorough understanding of the issues and a calm, respectful demeanor even when dealing with difficult people with opposing views. She has my vote.

  6. LWitherspoon

    We are lucky to have Sherelle Harris on the ballot – she has my vote!

  7. Dawn

    There is not a better qualified person to be on the BOE the ms. Harris. Good luck.

  8. marjoriem

    Has everyone noticed, the head of Red Apples, the non-political group (check their website), is all over the media, the internet and anywhere where people will listen, campaigning for the Red Apple slate? The Red Apples did have a token minority before, but that person parted ways with them. The Apples are out for the good of their own. Will they now “own” Sherelle Harris on the Board if she gets elected? Will the Red Apple candidates look to each other to see how to vote? Sadly, I believe it will be true. Sherelle Harris, I don’t have anything against you. I just hope you won’t be a puppet for these women. I wish you well.

  9. marjoriem

    ”The REd APPLES of Norwalk is a grassroots, non-partisan community coalition launched in February, 2010 by a group of……’
    Here’s the quote taken directly off Lisa Thomson’s site. So what is she doing promoting the REd Apple slate? Non-partisan? Sounds like a lie to me.

  10. Lisa Thomson

    Marjoriem – I’m a vocal parent – who wants the “system changed.” I put my real name on what I write and who I support. If Bruce Mellion of the NFT can fund campaigns and Tony Ditrio of the NASA union can endorse candidates…why can’t I? To compare the influence of a parent to that of the NPS union leadership is laughable. Truly a David versus Goliath situation. And incidentally, the Red Apples website indicates that we are non-partisan- not non-political. Again, I will say – REd Apples is NOT endorsing these 4 women … I AM. Do you honestly think that Mr. Mellion or Mr. Ditrio speak for ALL NPS employees when they endorse? I would not presume to speak on behalf of others. But many identify with what is a national issue. I just put a local face to it. This is authentic grass roots activism. Perhaps if you put your REAL name or face on what you write – it would help your cause. I want a BOE that will work together and support Dr. Rivera’s reform plan after the revolving door of Superintendents. Somehow, I don’t think that I am alone 🙂

  11. marjoriem

    Webster definition of nonpartisan: not supporting one political party or group over another : not partisan’
    You are adhering to the RedApple cause and pushing the Red Apple ticket. You are partisan. Don’t hide behind what the Unions do. You state quite clearly that whatever they do is wrong. You can’t have it both ways, Lisa.

  12. M Allen

    being anti-union or anti-union views isn’t partisan in the political sense of the word, which is typically how the term “partisan” is used in conversations such as this. Endorsing candidates from both political parties is obviously not partisan either.

  13. marjoriem

    Strictly adhering to the ideology of one’s group without the willingness to compromise, (e.g. The Tea Party or the radical republicans) is called partisanship. Look it up for yourself.

    Partisan: a firm adherent to a party, faction, cause or person especially one exhibiting blind, prejudiced, and unreasoning allegiance (Mirriam-Webster)

    Partisan: an adherent or supporter of a person, group, party, or cause, especially a person who shows a biased, emotional allegiance. (Dictionary.com)

    The Red Apples and Lisa Thomson are indeed partisan.

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