Letter: SoNoCC made right choice, heading in right direction

Letters must be signed with your real name and include a contact phone number that will not be published.
Letters must be signed with your real name and include a contact phone number that will not be published.

To the Editor:

The South Norwalk Community Center can now move forward in a new positive direction. I agree with the decision of SoNoCC’s Board of Directors to remove the Ferrandinos. This is a good sign that will begin a new era of change under fresh leadership.

I also want to state that I have had a close relationship with Chairman Warren Peña and other Board members. I have always been in full support of Mr. Peña’s choice to bring in After School Programs and the partnership with Norwalk Public Schools. These programs are much needed for the children in our community.

Also, I have seen the energy behind the birth of Latinos Unidos De CT (LUC) which is a reflection of SoNoCC’s commitment to bring the community together, not divide them.

At times I felt ashamed that some members of our community did not feel welcomed because of the practices of the Ferrandinos. The mission of the center is to serve all in our community.

The next phase is to remodel the center to create more positive opportunities and a learning environment. That is what the focus and conversation should be.  How do we add value to our community?

As a lifelong resident of South Norwalk, I am glad to see that SoNoCC is moving in the right direction adjusting and cleansing to move forward. I am in full support of the vision and am proud to see the Board take appropriate action when necessary.  I will do my part in helping the center in its new chapter with a focus on the children and families of our community.

Israel Navarro


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  1. Pat Ferrandino

    Israel, you’re a nice young man and I know you have good intentions. My wife, Marina, and I welcomed you to SoNoCC, spent a lot of time talking with you, introduced you to the SafeRides program and its founder, Princeton student Melissa Rojo, and encouraged you to enroll in NCC explaining to you that education is the surest pathway to success.

    I was troubled when Warren Pena told me that he had recruited you to run for State Senator, fully knowing that you had no chance of defeating Sen. Bob Duff. Warren further divulged to me his rationale. He felt that you would be able to raise enough money to qualify for Public funding for your campaign. You would certainly lose in the caucus but he would assist you in gaining the signatures needed to run in the primaries. Once you lost in the primaries, all remaining funds from your campaign would be pledged to Warren’s campaign. Both Warren and David Watts also assumed that they would each be able to muster enough votes at the democratic caucus to each win the Party’s nomination. This would put them on the same line on the ballot with Senator Duff at the Primaries, with Senator Duff being listed first, and Warren and David riding his coattails. In contrast, you would be listed first on the second line (non-Party endorsed candidates), with Bruce Morris and Chris Perone appearing after you. The idea they had is that you would be such a weak candidate that Morris and Perone would suffer because of those voters who just vote across a straight line.

    Of course this strategy failed. You did not raise enough money and, thus, did not qualify for Public funding. High-powered democratic officials upstate were putting pressure to have you withdraw, which you finally did, and Pena’s ill-fated plan further failed when he lost the Party’s nomination at the caucus. Thus, he will now appear on the second line of the ballot with Chris Perrone.

    Welcome to the world of dirty politics, Pena-style. Israel, you were used as a puppet then, and you are being used again. Admit it, you didn’t write this op-ed. Marina and I did nothing but try to guide you to pursue an education. You’re involvement with LUC (Latinos Unidos de Connecticut) is another stunt by Pena. His mother, an aunt, two uncles and a few friends have commandeered this ad-hoc group into a PAC (Political Action Committee) and are trying to use SoNoCC as their base, and Pena is trying to put LUC under the umbrella of SoNoCC. Understand, SoNoCC is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization and is prohibited from political campaign activity. Warren already put at risk SoNoCC’s 501 (c) 3 status by improperly using SoNoCC funds for his own political campaigning.

    I encourage you, Israel, break away from this mal-intentioned mentor. Go to NCC. Get an education. You’re a fine young man. Marina and I care for you.

  2. One and Done.

    Holy, this keeps getting better.
    @PatF. You realize of course, you are accusing Pena of offenses that carry jail time?
    Citizens Election Program grants and funds not spent on furthering the specific candidate’s candidacy for the office they are seeking must be returned to the state. They can’t simply be washed into accounts of other campaigns.
    Conspiracy to commit a fraud is also a crime even if they didn’t do it. Wow, is all I can say.

  3. Dawn

    Let me begin by saying i do not know or care about any of those involved in this story. All i want is the corrupt people to BE GONE!!!
    So Mr. Ferandino. to who di you report these wrongdoings. Isn’t knowledge of wrongdoing and doing nothing as bad a doing the wrongdoing itself??
    Just asking.

  4. Bill

    Israel Navarro has no college education, wasted all of our time attempting to run a campaign for an office he had no qualifications for, and appears to be Pena’s puppet for letter writing campaigns. Like Ferrandino said above, get your education because you already made yourself look bad by not even showing up to the caucus or attempting to run a professional campaign.

  5. EveT

    @Dawn, if you want the corrupt people to be gone, come to the meetings and speak up. There are town committee meetings (Democratic and Republican) in each district as well as citywide. There are neighborhood associations, there are other boards and commissions and the meetings are posted on the city website calendar. If the only people who show up are those who are out for their own self-interest, guess what happens.

  6. Pat Ferrandino

    @ Dawn:
    Yes, you are absolutely correct. That is why I met with a very high-ranking elected state official for two hours and also spoke with a very high-ranking elected local official beforehand. They both felt as you do, that I was obligated to report the wrongdoing of the Board member/s. The state official put my lawyer in contact with the Attorney General’s office. Federal authorities may also get involved. There will be much more to this story, I’m sure. Remember, there are many improprieties already mentioned and more yet to be revealed involving certain SoNoCC Board members.

  7. Israel Navarro

    I love the comments because it show that cowards will hide behind a computer screen and plus I didn’t continue the race because my mother is struggle for her health. Plus America is land for who is hungry for success.

  8. Bill

    @Israel Navarro, I’m not dumb enough to put my name to comments when I should be studying and getting my education…you win 😉

  9. Israel Navarro

    @Bill that right because at 20 yrs old you don’t have to work three jobs to support your family. and try to find way to put food on your table. be thankful for what you have.

  10. Israel Navarro

    That right Bill I should but I am busy working 3 job to keep a roof and food for my family.

  11. Carlos Rodriguez

    Safe rides was introduced to SoNoCC by Chairman Pena and Councilwoman Melendez, Israel was introduced by them too. Pat and Marina Ferrandino are working with Bruce Morris and Bobby Burgess. This is all a political stunt to discredit Pena and because they were kicked out of Norwalk back to New Canaan. Pat’s only outlet is NoN. Stop feeding into his plot, he doesn’t even live in Norwalk.

  12. Bill

    Israel, I hope you realize soon that politics doesn’t lead to wealth, education does, despite whatever Pena has told you.

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