Letter: Stephenson claims NEON lies, distorts, says she is still interim CEO

The following letter was received Tuesday via email. We did not realize it was intended for publication. A reader posted it as a comment on a related story earlier today after is was posted on Ms. Stephenson’s Facebook page.

By Chiquita Stephenson

To the Editor,

In our community staff, clients, children, families and small businesses have suffered. No job, no income, no insurance, no childcare, no food, no clothing and no housing. Who is voicing the concerns for them by telling the truth so that, this never happens again.

I have not been dismissed from NEON by the NEON Board of Directors and, I am not on a non paid leave of absence as stated by Mike Berkoff and Tommie Jackson!

My free legal advise to Tommie Jackson and Mike Berkoff is to eliminate my name from their vocabulary and focus on NEON Business and the communities that they through; NEON are mandated to serve. They should not place their short coming on anyone but, THEMSELVES.

They plotted now they got it! DEAL with it!

At no time, did Mike Berkoff ever instruct me not to pass out paychecks. Their focus should be on the role that each of them played in communicating with CITIBANK as it pertains to the checks. There are three sides to ever story.

I have been MALIGNED for the last time. ENOUGH! I’m focused on building communities and, I do not require approval or acceptance from anyone who is unwilling to READ the facts. There is no need for me to engage in nonsense when so many are suffering near and far.

I said it once and, I will say it again “Lies have a way of catching up with a liar! Tommie and Mike need to facilitate a plan of action with supportive transition documentation, stop name dropping and, focus on moving the organization forward. If they can’t step aside. As for me, I have communities to build with community members.

Anyone that knows me, knows that the proof is in the documentation and action taken. Again, my free legal advise to them, eliminate my name from their vocabulary.


Rev. Chiquita Stephenson

Acting NEON CEO/President


11 responses to “Letter: Stephenson claims NEON lies, distorts, says she is still interim CEO”

  1. Bill

    Wow, she has such bad grammar and syntax that you might assume she never completed her Asociates degree.

  2. WHAT?

    I have never heard anyone accuse others of lying as often and repeatedly as Chiquita Stephenson. Anyone out there familiar with the concept known as ‘psychological projection’?

  3. longtime resident

    My kids did a better job in middle school. What an embarrassment. And she never has been able to produce even that two year degree…..

  4. Lorraine

    “I have not been dismissed from NEON by the NEON Board of Directors and, I am not on a non paid leave of absence as stated by Mike Berkoff and Tommie Jackson!”
    Chiquita Stephenson
    (Acting NEON CEO/President)
    So does this mean Ms. Stephenson is still being paid

  5. Anne Sullivan

    Time to saddle up the escape goat!

  6. Inquiring Mind

    I guess I missed something somewhere along the line. When did Chiquita Stephenson become Rev. Chiquita Stephenson?

    1. Mark Chapman

      @Inquiring mind

      I wondered the same thing. I found this reference in a bio from 2005:
      “Stephenson, prophetess, is also the Founder and Pastor of God’s Kingdom of Restoration Church in Stamford…”

  7. LWitherspoon

    Rev. Stephenson and her flock are well known for their tireless devotion to the holy escape goat.

  8. A Better Norwalk

    Oh, come one now.. really?
    BTW, the whole debacle as to the payroll snafu is clearly her doing.
    No one cuts over a “live” payroll to another vendor without setting up a dummy accounts and funds to properly validate the vendor’s ability to roll over to a new system. That in itself is clearly her fault and has to take accountability.
    Putting blame on others once again shows how unqualified she is which she must except the consequences of her actions or lack thereof.
    As to NEON equipment and or files, these MUST be surrendered back to NEON regardless of whatever intention she may have or whatever legal council she has retained. Failure to do this shows contempt, theft and or destruction of evidence of any wrongdoing. If she feels there has been no wrongdoing on her behalf, then surrendering the items to possibly another third party who can hold these items without prejudice to NEON or her should commence at once.
    It’s been long enough for this drama to continue and although it makes for great stories, it continues to put NEON in an unfair spotlight, preventing NEON moving forward to right itself and leave this poor choice as a president behind as just a bad memory.
    I say to the board of NEON, start moving forward to help those in need. Obtain the needed financial resources you need by recruiting the best people who are willing to offer their service pro bono in the effort to save a service needed by those within the community who are less fortunate.

  9. the donut hole

    It is an insult to all citizens that indictments haven’t been processed, but maybe this woman needs committing.

  10. Piberman

    Remains puzzling why City elected and appointed officials avoid forming an advisory group to assist on getting NEON into a well functioning body. Could not a few officials attend NEON meetings to at least offer support if not guidance ? Could not our state legislators not ask the state for a temporary takeover ? The absence of positive actions by City officials here sends an awful message about Norwalk – our least fortunate are on their own.do they receive ourattention only at voting time ?

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