Letter: Support Norwalk education

By Gloria Tenofsky

President, Norwalk Education Foundation

To the Editor:

NORWALK, Conn. – Have you noticed the shift in Norwalk? There’s a sense of renewed energy in the school system. With a visionary superintendent creating game changing initiatives and a community supporting collective impact, we are on the road to improvement.

The Norwalk Education Foundation is aligned with Dr. Rivera’s focus areas and stands ready to partner with Norwalk Public Schools to support his vision. This is a continuation of NEF’s work on behalf of the students and teachers in the Norwalk Public Schools since 1998. Like other local education foundations, we work with, but are independent of, our local school system. We raise funds for Norwalk Schools to advocate and support educational improvements that sustain and drive student achievement for all of Norwalk’s children. NEF funds classroom mini grants designed to pilot innovation. We recruit and support technology coaches in every school to facilitate the use of technology in instruction. We hold community forums to address educational issues such as college planning. Our purpose is to advocate for continual improvement in Norwalk Schools.

We hope you’ll support education by attending our Taste for Education event on Thursday, Nov. 7th, at Aitoro. A variety of local restaurants and beverage suppliers will provide the refreshments while local businesses are donating silent auction items. This event is open to the public, though intended for adults only. Tickets are available on our website.

The Norwalk Education Foundation believes that high performing public schools are critical to the health of our community and the success of our children. Imagine what we can accomplish with smart leadership, a cohesive board of education, and the entire community supporting our schools.

Gloria Tenofsky


2 responses to “Letter: Support Norwalk education”

  1. Lifelong Teacher

    If the voters of Norwalk truly want to support public education, they will vote Moccia out if office. He has worked behind he scenes to take so much money from the board of education. As the election comes closer, just watch to see what funds he will suddenly come up with. He can fudge and play his nasty games all he wants, but the numbers don’t lie.

    They will vote against Haynie, Keyes, Harris, and Rosati, who would all continue the devastating legacy of Susan Marks. It’s left us with unsafe and understaffed elementary schools.

    Vote with your heads, and your hearts, next month,

  2. Northstar

    First off, Gloria, get someone else to write these opeds hun. Yes there is a change of atmospehere and yes, finally, finally we are on a path forward. Wouldnt it be great if you guys worked yourselves out of the job? Started off inspiring and wound up as coming across as a cheap way to do a promo. Sure that this site would have deals for non profit ads. Contact the editor. Secondly and most disturbingly, I am struck by teachers posted comment. If the teacher can elaborate in more specifics any specific as to how the elementary’s are “unsafe”, a whole lotta of us would like to know. Being understaffed is a valid issue to be discussed and debated in the proper forums. However, if any Norwalk Public School Employee is aware of any unsafe conditions a, any student or employee may be facing, it is liable legaly and morally not to address any concern that puts a sudent or an employee’s safety at risk. Dr. Rivera has an open door policy and so does NON, as everyone is aware. If there is a safety concern please use one of these resources so as any saftey concern may be addreesed immediately.

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