Letter: This is the election to make a difference

To the Editor

A few years back now, a member of my District D committee recommended I reach out to this talented, motivated man, Warren Peña, and seek to get him involved in local politics. What has transpired in the time since has been gratifying to watch.

Warren has represented all of Norwalk proudly over the past two years on the Common Council. He has stood up to the politics that have plagued our city for generations while keeping an eye towards opportunities that can make it thrive in the future. His voice is loud and it is clear.

I have been fortunate to stand alongside Warren many times since that first recruitment meeting. He has become not only a strong colleague, but also a close friend. It’s admirable the tact that he has taken to engage Norwalk’s Latino community, hammering away to ensure that their needs are represented at every turn. As chairman of the South Norwalk Community Center, Warren has reinvigorated dialogue in South Norwalk that has been long overdue. He has spoken out on issues long before they became popular to do so because it was the right thing to do for Norwalk.

Councilman Peña wasn’t working alone. Alongside the likes of Councilman David Watts and Councilman John Igneri, Norwalk can feel confident that our politicians are going to be held accountable.

On Tuesday, let’s not only get them re‐elected, but let’s add to the team.

In what has been a historic election year, Norwalk has a great opportunity to move forward in a new direction. The Democrats provide a diverse, well‐rounded ticket that includes people like Faye Bowman and Travis Simms for a better South Norwalk; Olivia Dardy, Nick Sacchinelli, Eloisa Melendez and John Kydes – rising stars in our community; and experienced activists the likes of Marilyn Robinson, Kate Tepper and Sharon Stewart. This is the team that will work with our new mayor Harry Rilling to make Norwalk prosper to the potential we all know it deserves.

On Tuesday, go out and vote. Take a look at the talent on Row B, fill in their bubbles and let’s vigorously get to work.

Vinny Mangiacopra

District D Chairman

Former Mayoral Candidate


5 responses to “Letter: This is the election to make a difference”

  1. D(ysfunctional)TC

    Still jobless? Next time you see him, remind Pena that we expect our elected representatives to go to their committee meetings. Hopefully it won’t come to that this time around. Hey, at least he showed up 2x as much as Watts the caucus clown ever did. BTW are you going to support Watts over Perrone? When does that comedy act begin?

  2. Mike Mushak

    Great letter! Row B is the way to go! Row A for “Abysmal failure”. Fire the Tax and Spend Republicans who raised my taxes 40% but act like they didn’t! Amazing.
    DysTC, (Scialabba), why don’t you get back to hiring more out of town companies to do robocalls full of lies (the dirty politics including scary robocall approach worked so well for Linda McMahon, didn’t it), just like that flyer McCarthy and Wilson are spreading around that insults a religious minority, threatens the city’s position in a federal lawsuit, and tries to hide in a blatant misleading act the fact that Wilson voted for the same agreement Rilling did, in fact, Wilson actually wrote the settlement she pretends she didn’t vote for!
    The Norwalk GOP has reached new lows in this campaign, following the same nasty formula that sunk McMahon not just once, but twice. Norwalk voters don’t want to be bombarded with robocalls, in fact, they hate it. Watch them come out to vote against the folks harrassing them!

  3. Piberman

    Me Mushak

    Try being nice and respectful. Especially to opponents. Not too long ago Norwalk Democrats were known for their courteous behavior. There’s always another election ahead. The Party has nominated a remarkable diverse group to lead Norwalk in the past – musician, city clerk, town clerk. Now it’s the police chief. Maybe next a “community organizer”. It’s exciting being a Democrat in Norwalk. We’ve never had a school teacher run for mayor. Or a fireman. Look how boring it’s for the GOP. Same. Same, same.
    But somehow they get re -elected. Magic ? Or just doing the job.

  4. Bill Dunne

    It’s magic, Peter. Pure magic.

  5. Norwalk Lifer

    Tell you what Piberman, give your advice to McCarthy who attacked Duleeps mother with no provocation.

    You want to give out free advice? you and Bill Dunne? remember this, you have two ears and one mouth, would do you both some good to use the ears more often than the mouth.

    And insofar as Vinny is concerned, he has a right to opinion, and he can voice it, Asking him if he is still jobless?

    That just juvenile and stupid

    Norwalk Lifer

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