Letter: Why I will be voting for Matt Miklave

By Alex Miklave

NORWALK, Conn. – I am writing to you as the son of Matthew Miklave because I probably know him better than many others who support him. Thus I feel like this is a good chance to explain the reason I will be voting for my dad in the upcoming primary and election.

Now, I know what you’re thinking and no, I am not just voting for Matthew because he is my dad. I am voting for Matthew Miklave because I believe in his message and his plan to better the city of Norwalk.

I have lived my entire life in Norwalk and it is a great place to live. I remember when I was a kid and my dad first got elected to the city council, before running he asked me if I would be OK with it. I remember since then endless frustration with the direction Norwalk was going in, which hurt the city more then it helped it. He could’ve quit at any point, he could’ve chosen not to run and to no longer deal with politics, he could’ve chosen to just go back to his job as an attorney at a successful law firm. He didn’t, instead he has fought to improve the city throughout his term on the council.

These are tough times for the city and the rest of the country, but I know my dad truly believes that he can take this city in a new direction and put Norwalk on the list of one of the greatest cities in the country.

Alex Miklave


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