Lifelong Norwalker files papers for Common Council

NORWALK, Conn. – A political newcomer has filed papers to run for Norwalk’s Common Council as a Democrat to represent District C.

John Kydes, a lifelong Norwalk resident with a construction/property management business here, said in an email that he has wanted to get involved for a long time.

“I’m excited about the direction the Democratic Party is going in Norwalk and I want to do my part to influence a positive change,” he said in an email. “Right now I am going out and meeting folks and my platform will develop as I go forward but I feel strongly that we need a new direction on how local politics are handled. I believe unity between political parties is essential for the positive progression of Norwalk.”

Kydes said he is married and the father of two children. His business was established in 1952 by his father and he took it over 19 years ago.

Kydes is the third cousin of Common Councilman Nick Kydes (R-District C), who has announced that he is not running for re-election.

“I have a lot of respect for Nick as a person and for what he has done for Norwalk,” John Kydes said. “Our political views may not always be the same, but I know that Norwalk is a better place to have had him.”

Democratic Town Committee Chairwoman Amanda Brown did not return an email requesting comment.


3 responses to “Lifelong Norwalker files papers for Common Council”

  1. Grandma

    Well, many, that have been paying attention, have zero respect for what N.K. has done and hasnt done to and for Norwalk. Nick needs to get mom to give the movie house to the city and get in his Jag and drive off into the sunset far far away from Norwalk.

  2. oldtimer

    Kydes is a well known family name in Norwalk and is a shortened version of the original Greek name. John Kydes is a distant relative of Nick’s and apparently does not share his political views. As long as he is not another “trojan horse” running as a democrat only to switch allegiance as soon as possible after the election. Let’s see what kind of support he can get.

  3. William

    I have know John Kydes for many years. He has always been a dedicated family man and business owner. There is a reason his customers always come back. It is because they trust him. I believe John will make an excellent addition to the council.

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