Local artists bring our city together

Maya Santangelo’s mural at the Norwalk Public Library’s SoNo branch, located at 10 Washington St. (Courtesy photo)

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I am used to political campaigns dividing our community – especially so this year.  So, imagine my delight when I found myself participating in a project that unites our community! The idea came from a volunteer for the Stephanie Thomas campaign, which over the summer explored the idea of street art to support her candidacy, but eventually decided against it. I then pitched the idea to the Norwalk Arts Commission, which agreed to move forward with a non-partisan grants project, offering local artists a small cash honorarium, to create banners reminding residents in Norwalk to vote. This small project will have a lasting impact on our community: Four sturdy banners, all original designs, will be available to place in locations across the city in years to come. Perhaps even more artists will participate in future elections.

Folks are of course encouraged to check out the banners. Payton Cosell Turner designed the banner on the Norwalk Public library fence facing West Avenue; Robert Abriola designed the banner hanging on the fence on the corner of Wall Street and Knight; Sandy Abriola designed the mosaic in the storefront at 136 Washington Street; and Maya Santangelo designed the banner on the fence at the Sono Library, 10 Washington St.

Enjoy! And be sure to honor the artists’ message by Voting on Tuesday, Nov. 3.


Kay Anderson

Robert Abriola’s mural on the corner of Wall and Knight Streets.
(Courtesy photo)

Sandy Labriole’s mural in the store front at136 Washington St. (Courtesy photo)

Peyton Cosell Turner’s mural at the Norwalk Public Library main branch, located at 1 Belden Ave, (Courtesy photo)


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