Look: Things are just smashing in Norwalk

Fodor Farm
A front porch structure has been erected at Fodor Farm.

NORWALK, Conn. – Signs of improvement aren’t hard to find in Norwalk these days.

On Flax Hill Road the porch is finally being rebuilt on the historic home at Fodor Farm. On West Avenue the renovations at the First Methodist Church have become visible from the street as the landscaping has been removed. And on Wall Street, the old Merchant’s Bank has finally come tumbling down.

Chalk it up to a better economy?

Macedonia Church now owns the “orange church” on West Avenue, having bought it for $1.2 million in May. A church member said Friday that a priority has been placed on fixing the leaking roof, which is nearly done. New landscaping is planned for the front yard, he said. Members hope to begin using their church in about two months, when the Phase 1 renovations are done, he said.

Money to finish the renovations at Fodor Farm, $100,000, was put into the capital budget this spring by the Planning Commission at the request of Bill Dunne. The Common Council ratified that.

Carpenter Steve Green said that, although the porch was the most visible part of old building,  it would be, by necessity, the last item on the list because it was necessary to have a strong structure to attach it to.

And, of course, POKO Partners has finally moved into the demolition phase for Phase I of Wall Street Place, having secured an extension on its 10-year-old Land Disposition Agreement with the city after lining up tax credits and other financing. POKO managing member Ken Olson said Friday that he is still hoping to salvage the safe in the basement but won’t know if that’s possible until the rubble is cleared away.

The new Macedonia Church on West Avenue.
Work is proceeding on Wall Street.
The walls, and everything else, came on Wall Street.
On Wall Street, thing are just smashing.
Wall Street buildings are now visible from the Isaac Street parking lot.


10 responses to “Look: Things are just smashing in Norwalk”

  1. Bill Dunne

    Great photography, Nancy, as usual.

  2. Maria Alarcon

    It is yellow. It is a yellow brick church. There is nothing orange about it. Whoever named it the orange church should get themself a box of crayola crayons and familiarize themself with all of the colors. seriously….

  3. Oldtimer

    Progress is always good news. Pictures are excellent. Where are the people attending services at the yellow church on West Ave going to park ? Have they made some arrangement with the store just south of the church. ? That store uses a building that was the McHugh Brothers Dodge dealership. There is a lot of land for parking. A large part of the building at the back is not used and was the service department for the car dealership.

  4. Gordon Tully

    Maria, people differ in where they draw the line between colors. My wife and I frequently give different names to the same color. Also, lenses in the eye tend to yellow with age, so colors change for the same person over time.

    Based on my memory, I would call it yellow-orange.

  5. Ms Ruby McPherson

    That’s really good for Fodor Farm, but when will Ryan Park get play ground equipment such as a slide or swing set, tunnel slide, like the other parks around town. Do the right thing, children are making use of the park.

  6. TG

    Maria and Gordon-


  7. Seth

    What, no picture of the safe??

  8. Nancy

    Its great to see Wall Street making changes at last! There is demand for 1) a coffee house with great pancakes, a good diner, and a laundry mat. Just ask the people who live there.

  9. Anna Duleep, City Sheriff

    @TG: Saffron FTW! Perfect compromise. Points for mild religious/spiritual connection too (saffron robes).

  10. Michael McGuire

    Congratulations to Macedonia on their recent purchase of the yellow church at 39 West Avenue. Macedonia has been and continues to be a great asset to the broader Norwalk Community.

    For those interested Macedonia is undertaking an extensive historic restoration of this Norwalk landmark.

    Right now they could use some support. Macedonia needs a small warehouse space in which to temporarily store the church pews while they undertake restoration of the floors and balcony section. If you have space available – likely 1,500 SF or larger, that could be used temporarily that would be most welcome.

    A donation of the warehouse space would be preferred given the heavy burden they are incurring in the restoration.

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