Looking out for all Norwalkers during the pandemic

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Mayor Rilling and his team worked hard to keep us safe during the pandemic. I am proud to have been able to see firsthand the incredible work of his team, under his leadership, that tirelessly gave above and beyond every day. I want to especially thank Director Deanna D’Amore and the Health Department and Lamond Daniels and the Community Services Department. I am so glad that Mayor Rilling brought you to serve in Norwalk and am grateful that you were looking out for us all throughout this challenging time. Thank you so much for all you did and continue to do for our City.

As we remain vigilant about the Delta variant, I want to commend Mayor Rilling and his administration on one particular aspect of this work during the pandemic: Increasing access to health services and vaccines for our underserved communities. City departments helped all residents receive food, financial assistance, and other social services throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. And the Community Services Department took on Family Navigators who worked directly with in-need families in Norwalk. 

The Mayor made sure clinics were in the community, with multilingual staff and volunteers, and were near bus routes and within walking distance. Under the Mayor’s leadership, the City also worked with Senior Services to make “warming calls” to check in on Norwalk seniors and also provided appointment assistance and partnered with Norwalk Hospital EMS to provide Vaccine Home Visits. And they innovated in real time, working with community partners and using data to help drive decision-making so resources could be sent to specific areas to best support our communities and improve vaccination rates, especially in the hardest hit areas of Norwalk.

We are still in this fight to protect ourselves and each other from the Delta variant by getting vaccinated. If you are a Norwalker who still needs a COVID-19 vaccine and has not yet gotten one, please visit norwalkct.org/vaccine for a list of free upcoming vaccine clinics.

Perhaps it’s his experience as our City’s Police Chief that gave Mayor Rilling the specific expertise to handle a crisis such as COVID-19. But I would also like to think that it is who he is as a leader that helped us stay strong as a City during this pandemic. He is a compassionate leader who cares about people and their well-being, believes that diversity is a strength, and that we are stronger when we work together. I hope you join me in supporting Mayor Rilling for another term.


Dominique Johnson

Common Council member, at-large


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  1. Georgie

    If you wanted to look out for Norwalk — you would stand up to Lamont’s vaccine mandate for state and school employees. Shame on you for standing by while our personal, medical, and religious freedoms are stomped on. While the elites take advantage while people are scared by the media. It’s up to you local politicians to protect us from this, but you’d rather virtue signal.

  2. JustaTaxpayer

    Dominique. You forgot to thank Trump for Operation Warp Speed. The vaccines were ready in record time by not one, but eventually 3 companies. The plan also includes the distribution.

    Whatever became of the Red Cross ship in NYC? Ida hits and people have ruined homes, no drinking water or ability to cook.

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