Looking to District 140’s future, proud of the work we did

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The voters have spoken. I offer heartfelt congratulations to Councilman Travis Simms and his entire team on a well-earned victory. We both campaigned hard, and I am grateful for the democratic process that allows us to enjoy this civic discourse. As his future constituent, I wish Travis only success as our State Representative, and I commit myself to doing whatever I can to help.

I am also eternally grateful to everyone who contributed, volunteered, or supported my campaign in any way, particularly my campaign manager, Anna Duleep. I am so proud of the work we did. In a district often ignored in November, we fostered a genuine conversation about the real challenges we face as a community. We told the political establishment that they can no longer take our district for granted. That’s important.

In part because of our campaign, voter turnout in the 140th District was up approximately 80 percent from 2014, which was a big help to upticket Democrats, especially those in tight races, like Ned Lamont.

On that note, I didn’t have to call Travis to congratulate him last night, because we were both at the same Democratic event celebrating a big night for Connecticut Democrats. We shook hands and laughed together. Travis and I disagree on some issues, but we also agree on many others, and at the end of the day, we’re both part of the Democratic team working to enact progressive policies on economic growth, public education, affordable healthcare, environmental sustainability, and human rights in Norwalk and Connecticut. This election was a crucial one for Connecticut Democrats, and as fellow Democrats we can all be proud of the strong statement of support voters made across the state.

Colin Hosten

Former candidate for State Representative


Elsa Peterson Obuchowski November 10, 2018 at 12:21 pm

Thanks, Colin, for your service to Norwalk.
Very excited to know that “voter turnout in the 140th District was up approximately 80 percent from 2014”! As you pointed out, this is HUGE for the upticket candidates. In particular, knowing how close the governor’s race was, it’s clear that Norwalk in general and the 140th in particular made a difference!

Rick November 10, 2018 at 6:04 pm

This is what we need now is to have a rookie take simms place, its bad enough the distorted records we heard so much about. There are plenty of old time old school in South Norwalk to step right in, doubt if Rilling wants another war now that Firetree has moved in.

Besides Colin will be busy with whats gone on and is going to go on in housing next few months.

Colin the Vesta Corporation – 92 Cedar St is now on the horizon help us out get involved. You didn’t lose your other job we now expect all your energy to defend those who need help.

If Simms had got involved with Ryan park Washington Village and Cedar court he would have something to do first day in Hartford.

I dont see his job as easy , he is going to Hartford to fix what Duff has done or hasn’t done, But he has our support lets see if he uses it.

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