Luis Estrella has my vote for District A Common Council

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I’m voting for Luis Estrella because he is the only candidate that is and has been engaged in projects that benefit Norwalk. He is not saying, IF elected I will improve the city, he’s actually out there doing it and not afraid to work or get his hands dirty.

He creates collaboration through his involvement and leadership. He is on several non-profit boards that improve quality of life like Norwalk River Valley Trail, Norwalk River Watershed Association, Norwalk Exchange Club, and Keep Norwalk Beautiful.

Luis isn’t a man of many words but he is a man of action, putting in the work necessary to improve our city. He is involved in almost every aspect of the City from community clean-ups, tree plantings, and outdoor school classrooms for ALL of the schools in the city. Luis is the role model we need for our youth.

I had the privilege of meeting Luis at one of his many community events he is personable, honest, straightforward, and actually listens. He does not have the interest of developers in mind nor does he subscribe to single party mentality, his focus is on improving and beautifying Norwalk.

I started being involved more after meeting Luis and he has inspired me to want to do more for Norwalk. I truly believe his leadership is necessary in our current council.

As a Latinx person in the city it would be great to feel represented by someone who leads by example, NOT only if elected, but because it is the right thing to do.

That is why Luis Estrella has my vote on Nov 2nd!


Laura Marin


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