Lyons points with pride to year of public service in Norwalk

Karen Doyle Lyons is seeking an eighth two-year as Republican registrar of voters.
Karen Doyle Lyons is seeking an eighth two-year as Republican registrar of voters.

NORWALK, Conn. – Karen Doyle Lyons may be pushing 70 – she’ll hit the milestone Jan. 15 – but, to quote the mythical Lou Grant, she’s “got spunk.”

Lyons has been Norwalk’s Republican Registrar of Voters for 14 years, and she has no immediate plans to leave office.

The Republican Town Committee has other plans. New RTC Chairman Pete Torrano, backed by Vice Chairman and former Chairman Art Scialabba, has mounted an intense campaign to unseat the longtime veteran in favor of endorsed candidate John Federici, but Lyons is having none of it, giving back as much as she is taking. In a Letter to the Editor published today, she responds to complaints and accusations leveled against her by the GOP party bosses.

Lyons’s willingness to fight for her professional life is likely a product of a background that began in Greenwich and, as an Air Force child, passed through several locations in the U.S. and France before settling in Norwalk and graduating from Brien McMahon High. She followed that by attending Norwalk Community College.

Lyons has been involved in community affairs, including politics, for much of her adult life, a point she made in a list she sent to NancyOnNorwalk. Among her many past community activities, she lists Veterans of Foreign Wars Post #399, board member; Elder House, board member; St. Mary Church Guild, concert committee; Norwalk 350th Anniversary Parade Committee, secretary; Mayor’s Annual Ball Committee; Evening Women’s Club, Heart Ball chairwoman 1979 and 2007; and Puerto Rican Day Parade.

In addition, she has held elected positions, including two terms on the Common Council, and two terms as a First Taxing District Water Department treasurer.

Other political activities include:

  • United States Senate, special assistant Fairfield County
  • State of Connecticut General Assembly, Human Rights & Opportunities Committee, clerk
  • Fairfield County Registrar of Voters Association, chairwoman (10 years)
  • Registrar of Voters Association of Connecticut, board member
  • District A Republican Town Committee, secretary
  • District D Republican Town Committee, vice chairwoman and secretary
  • Republican Deputy Registrar of Voters (4 years)
  • Republican Assistant Registrar (over 6 years)
  • Official polling site positions: moderator, checker, machine tender, assistant registrar
  • Young Republican Club, vice chairwoman and secretary
  • Republican Women’s Club of Norwalk, board member
  • Republican Women’s Club of Westport

She is currently deeply involved in veterans activities in the city, including Veterans Hall of Honor, (creator and administrator), Norwalk Veterans Memorial Committee, secretary; Memorial Day Parade, master of ceremonies; Veterans Day ceremony; Shea-Magrath Memorial Ceremony; and American Legion Post 12, Ladies Auxiliary.

The seven-term registrar was appointed by the secretary of the state to train chief polling site moderators, and is one of two certified trainers in the state.

Lyons said if she is re-elected, her goals are to “continue to serve all voters regardless of party affiliation, continue to administer smooth and trouble-free elections and primaries,” and “continue to follow federal and Connecticut election laws (CGS Section 9).”


6 responses to “Lyons points with pride to year of public service in Norwalk”

  1. Norewalk Lifer

    First rule, do not chop down trees to make yourself appear taller.

    Mrs. Lyons, you are a impressive person, and it would appear that the axes that the RTC is using are quite dull.

    Norwalk Lifer

  2. Oldtimer

    Sciallaba, and now Torrano, want the republican registrar to do special favors for the party which Karen has pointed out are illegal. Failing to convince her to “bend” the rules, they are now planning to use Mr Federici to do their bidding. This should a no-brainer for primary voters. They must choose between experience with a detailed knowledge of the rules or a well meaning but inexperienced party member they expect to be able to manipulate. Federici would be smart to seek a job in the registrar’s office and learn so he could be prepared to succeed Karen when she decides to retire.

  3. MPayne

    Karen is thoughtful and always helpful! Go Karen!

  4. Just saying

    Who are the Federici controlling operatives? Peter Torrano, Peter Nolin, Art Scialabba,, Carol Andreoli, Elizabeth Lyons , John Romano, David McCarthy and James Fiegnbaum in this campaign against Karen Doyle Lyons.

  5. I’m a democrat, but…


    Karen, you have all of our backing!!

  6. Jesse

    What??? Re-elect Karen Doyle-Lyons? Are you people crazy?? Her qualifications seem impressive but have they been verified? What about years spent in the Registrsr’s Office as Assistsnt Registrar & Deputy Director? That’s over 10 years. When did she for that Let’s not forget she ran a daycare out of her home for years 1988+ … Too many questions, no answers. No integrity. […] Lyons does not deserve her position. Please join me in voting for John Federici, Norwalk’s next Republican Registrar.

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