Malloy highlights efforts to combat urban crime

Susan Bigelow map
Susan Bigelow map
The general election will be held Nov. 4
The general election will be held Nov. 4

HARTFORD, Conn. – Looking at a map of the 2010 race for governor it’s easy to see why Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy has been very visible in Connecticut’s major cities this summer.

It’s been reported that he’s been a frequent guest in New Haven, and on Tuesday he made a trip to Bridgeport to learn more about what that city is doing to combat crime under a project based on the work of renowned criminologist and John Jay College of Criminal Justice professor David Kennedy.

Project Longevity, as it’s known, is based on the premise that three percent of the population in any city is responsible for 90 percent of the violence. The idea is to target the individuals committing the majority of the violence and offering the ones who want to get away from the street a full range of services from housing to job training.

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3 responses to “Malloy highlights efforts to combat urban crime”

  1. Dawn

    Maolloy and Crime? What a joke. Lets go to Stamford, where two of the major community centers have closed all programs and the Governor has not lifted a finger to help. These centers represented safe haven for parents children and the community to and participate in SAFE fun activities. This summer NEON former CTE is closed- NO SUMMER CAMP. Same for the Yerwood Center- NO SUMMER CAMP. The ADVOCATE Thumbs up states that the center was raising funds for over 400 young people who comes through the center. When you go by the center ITS CLOSED.-NO SUMMER CAMP. Appoximately 18 young people in a basketball camp-the gm was rented b VEEZHOOPS and 10 children ages 3-4 swimming. The new management has dismanteled all of the programs with no community imput and the Governor nor Mayor has stepped in to help.

    We know that regentrification is happening in Stamford of which the Governor supports and agencies such as NEON/CTE and the YERWOOD CENTER have to go.
    So the question is where are the teens going to in their community?
    What is the Governor doing to combat the crimes on the WEST SIDE of Stamford?
    Does he care?
    I recommend that all young people when the regisiter to vote the sign up as independents so that they can chose a candidtate who really cares for them and about them and not just wait for election to come around and sprew lies and deception.
    Malloy was to invest in more daycares and education if my mind serves me correct.
    If he is in support closing community centers where are the daycares going. And or maybe, just maybe-DOMUS his baby will be taking over the centers?

  2. EveT

    @Dawn, please explain how registering to vote as an independent enables you to choose “a candidate who really cares for them.” No matter how you’re registered, you can vote for any candidate you want in the general election.

    However, primaries are by party. You can only vote in the Republican primary if you’re a Republican and you can only vote in the Democratic primary if you’re a Democrat. The primary is very often where candidates are chosen. Say you think McKinney “really cares for you” — unless you are a registered Republican, you can’t vote for McKinney in the primary.

    Furthermore, if you get involved in the Republican Town Committee you can help choose candidates before they even decide whether to run. You can get to know who is interested in running for a given office and help decide the merits of people who are thinking of running.

  3. piberman

    Maybe NON could report and comment on the disparity of crime statistics between Norwalk and Stamford ? Quite interesting.

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