Malloy makes re-election bid official

HARTFORD, Conn. – Sporting his signature green tie, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy announced Friday that he and Lt. Gov. Nancy Wyman will seek a second term and run for re-election this November.

Malloy, who had been widely expected to run, made it official in response to a question during a routine press conference following a Friday state Bond Commission meeting.

“Nancy and I have talked about the race and we both reached a mutual conclusion that we should go to the people of Connecticut and ask them for their support to continue the work that we’ve been undertaking,” he said.

Although he had been expected to seek a second term, the governor had previously suggested he would wait until after the legislative session in May to announce. On Friday he said, despite the announcement, his approach to the session would not change and he would attempt to avoid being “dragged into the campaign” for as long as he could.

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6 responses to “Malloy makes re-election bid official”

  1. CT Patriot

    oh YAy! Lucky us! the sun will come out tomorrow! he’s done SUCH a FINE job that we should all be rejoicing. in fact, we shouldn’t even bother with an election, lets just put him back in! GREAT! I’m sure all the businesses in this state will be SO happy to hear this WONDERFUL news. The Gays, pot heads and illegal aliens will love it too

  2. Christopher Bazan

    It is with some sadness that I must vote for my first Republican candidate EVER. I have always been a democrat and I will always be a democrat, but I can’t vote in good conscience for a person who seems completely out of his league when it comes to balancing our state’s budget. Our state economy is floundering and we are not creating jobs fast enough. The governor gets headlines by throwing taxpayer money at big companies to stay in state but the root cause is the level of taxation (caused by too much spending) that many companies and people have to deal with in this state. Why would a rich republican continue to live in CT or keep a business here when they can move to New Hampshire, Florida, or Texas and avoid punitive state income taxes? I am not saying I approve of Red state social service programs, but they sure as heck seem to be able to get more bang for their buck out of the limited programs they do offer. When the governor chooses to stand up to state employee unions and tie their annual pay raises and benefits to taxpayer’s income growth rates, I’ll surely vote for him. I’m not holding my breath.

  3. piberman

    Lets stand back a bit and give the Governor his due. He’s our greatest supporter of public unions ever. No other CT Governor ever managed a historic tax hike. And secured our state as the only one in the entire nation with negative growth (2013). And encouraged an unprecedented exodus of jobs and firms from CT. These are real achievements. President Obama celebrates the Governor’s highest minimum wage in the country. Our President and our Governor stand together.

    Governor Malloy is a real old varnished Democrat. Norwalk loves Democrats. All Norwalk needs to get out the vote and vote for the Governor. He’s our “Main Man”. Mayor Rilling will lead the charge followed by all our Democrat elected officials and DTC. Imagine the celebration when Gov. Malloy is elected. Then we can look to a 3rd and maybe even a 4th term. We understand good governance in Norwalk. We too love our public unions. That’s why we pay top salaries. So too the Governor. So lets stand together. United forever. Isn’t politics wonderful. Lets see if Norwalk can give the Governor the largest majority of any City in CT. That will finally stop all this talk about the hole in the middle of the donut. Norwalk respects our unions. Now lets translate that respect into victory for the Governor.

  4. TLaw

    @Piberman By the 3rd or 4th term there won’t be any of left in CT. Let’s all hope that some viable candidates step forward soon so that we can all get behind them.

    @C Bazan Well said!! cause it’s best to vote with your head, not your heart.

    @CT Patriot I share some of your sentiments however the Gay comment really isn’t necessary. I respect your right to say that (as should the gay community) however it’s tasteless.

  5. John Hamlin

    Dan Malloy is a wonderful man and in some ways a good governor (e.g., crisis response). But with respect to the serious economic issues facing the state, he has failed miserably. He panders to the public employee unions and savages the business community– he never met a tax increase he didn’t love and he enjoys spending other people’s money on non-services and non-infrastructure matters. Nice guy, but no cigar. Another term could mean that Connecticut becomes the new Detroit — only politicians and public employees will be left in the state. I may have to vote for a Republican for governor.

  6. Inquiring Mind

    To Christopher Bazan and John Hamlin – thank you for your honesty. It’s so very, very important to vote for the person most capable of the governorship rather than along party lines.
    John, we have friends in Stamford and they said the exact same thing you did about Mr. Malloy when he was Mayor of Stamford.
    Christopher, the social service policies in “Red States” may not be as extensive as here in CT, but then again, there may also be private organizations bridging the gap. Also with a flourishing economy, the needs may not be a great in terms of sheer numbers and more job opportunities available.
    I hope that both of you will end up voting for someone you believe is capable of leading CT in the coming election rather than voting against someone else.

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