Malloy proposes $13.6M in funding for job seekers

By Hugh McQuaid

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy outlined his long-term unemployment agenda Monday including proposals to reauthorize an existing job-training program, prohibit employment discrimination against the unemployed, and to establish a five-week “job-readiness” program.

Malloy announced the three-part legislative agenda on long-term unemployment Monday at a press conference in New Britain

The legislation calls for bonding another $10 million for the existing Subsidized Employment Training Program (STEP UP), which subsidizes the salaries of new employees for the first six months they’re on the job.

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One response to “Malloy proposes $13.6M in funding for job seekers”

  1. Piberman

    Gov. Malloy up for re-election is running out of ideas in reversing the exodus of jobs and business in response to his unusual tax and spend policies that have made CT the national poster child for fiscal mismanagement. Buying jobs with taxpayer funds has long been a discredited policy. So its a natural for CT Democrats.

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