Malloy seeks restrictions for e-cigarettes and loosies

HARTFORD, Conn. – Current state law does not prohibit vendors from selling electronic cigarettes to children but Gov. Dannel P. Malloy is seeking to change that policy during this year’s legislative session.

Malloy’s proposal is aimed at e-cigarettes and preventing youth smoking. It would ban the sale of any electronic nicotine delivery device or vapor product to anyone under the age of 18. He said the devices serve as gateway products to traditional cigarettes. More than 75 percent of minors who have tried e-cigarettes also have tried the real ones, he said.

“Electronic cigarettes are currently not regulated by the federal government and there is currently no age restriction to sell, give, or possess electronic cigarettes in Connecticut,” he said. “With this legislation… we’re joining the 27 states that have already prohibited the sale of e-cigarettes and other related devices to minors.”

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  1. the donut hole

    November 4th headline.
    CT residents seek restrictions on failed governor.

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