Malloy stumps at Norwalk DTC HQ

NORWALK, Conn. – Gov. Dannel P. Malloy helped the Democratic Town Committee christen its new Van Zant Street headquarters Saturday with a jab at Linda McMahon and re-election campaign-related claims aimed at his Republican challenger, Tom Foley.

“Tom Foley says everybody wants to leave and companies are leaving, so tell me how we created 60,000 private sector jobs if  Tom Foley is right? The reality is Tom Foley is not right, but he can’t tell the truth, he’s got to tell something else because otherwise he’s not going to make the progress that he thinks he’s going to make. So he has got to talk down about Connecticut. That’s what’s going on,” Malloy said.

Foley says Connecticut is lagging behind the nation in job creation, Malloy said. Although nationally the recession ended in 2009, Connecticut didn’t stop losing jobs until 2010, Malloy said. However, he said, since February 2010, Connecticut has created more jobs than any other state in Connecticut.

Connecticut Republican Party Chairman Jerry Labriola Jr. released a statement Aug. 15 responding to similar statements from Malloy.

“The numbers don’t lie. While the nation as a whole has recovered 100% of the jobs lost in the recession, our state has recovered less than two-thirds. Thanks to Governor Malloy’s ill-advised policies of higher taxes and excessive government overreach, Connecticut continues to lag far behind our neighboring states and the nation,” Labriola said.

The Connecticut Mirror reports that employment surveys done by the Connecticut Department of Labor have produced contradictory results for years, enabling Democrats and Republicans to make contradictory claims.

Gov. Dannel Malloy
Gov. Dannel Malloy gets a laugh Saturday at the Norwalk Democratic Town Committee headquarters at 25 Van Zant St. Backing Malloy are (from left) Sen. Bob Duff, Mayor Harry Rilling, and state Rep. candidates Andy Garfunkel (142) and Keith Rodgerson (143). (Contributed photo)

Malloy also emphasized that money his administration is spending on transportation, which goes into the transit used by local residents, he said. Gov. Jodi Rell’s capital budget expenditure on transportation was at $250 million in her last year in office, Malloy said (the budget was approved by a Democrat-dominated legislature). He said  his administration has spent $800 million for transportation, is going to the federal government for more funds and will have appropriated $1.2 billion by October for transportation. There will be 80 more projects beginning by next spring, he said.

“We’re spending more money on transportation than any time in the past,” Malloy said.

Malloy said his administration has created a toolbox to help small businesses and invested in 1,250 small businesses.

“We’ll go after the big companies and we’ll get them to grow their footprints, but we are supporting small businesses. Moms and pops, start-ups, small businesses under 100 people, we’re doing that and we created that toolbox, it did not exist until we did it. That’s who we are. That’s what we are and we’re moving forward,” Malloy said.

Crime is at its lowest in 45 years, with fewer than 100 homicides in Connecticut last year, Malloy said.

The Connecticut Post verifies that there were 97 homicides in Connecticut last year, a steep decline from the 146 reported in 2012. USA.com reports that there were 128 homicides in 2011, 130 homicides in 2010, 107 homicides in 2009 and 123 homicides in 2008.

The Post quotes Connecticut Under Secretary for Criminal Justice Policy and Planning Mike Lawlor as saying that the state is working to reduce recidivism. Lawlor says that raising the age at which teenagers are prosecuted as adults and a state law that allows police to take away guns from people who are a danger to themselves or others may be part of the reason the crime rate has dropped.

Malloy also said Connecticut is sending Norwalk more money for education than it has before. Mayor Harry Rilling and state Sen. Bob Duff (D-25) nodded.

Norwalk got $1.6 million more from the state in 2013-14 than it had in 2012-13, in the form of an increase in Educational Cost Sharing funds and $1.3 million in a Priority School District grant. Norwalk got $1,180,676 in Alliance District Funding for 2014-15, according to a press release from the governor’s office. Norwalk got $904,066 in Alliance funding 2013-14 and $577,476 in 2012-13, the release states.

Malloy urged DTC members to get out the vote.

“Let’s make sure people understand that elections have consequences,” he said, “and it’s certainly had consequences in Norwalk, where we have become a partner, where you didn’t have a partner in Norwalk before.”


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  1. anon

    Malloy must have rose-colored tinted windows on his limo, no mention of the traffic jams on I95, Norwalk’s broken bridge, unaware of all the office For Lease signs around here, must have missed the over-taxed under employed taxpayers.

    “Malloy also said Connecticut is sending Norwalk more money for education than it has before. Mayor Harry Rilling and state Sen. Bob Duff (D-25) nodded.” Norwalk’s been short-changed for years, Duff and Rilling, no time to pat yourselves on the back boys, get to work and get us as much as Danbury.

  2. EveT

    “since February 2010, Connecticut has created more jobs than any other state in Connecticut.” Typo? I think it’s than any other state in New England.

  3. John Levin

    He left out the $115 million he promised Bridgewater (the world’s richest hedge fund) so they could build a new headquarters and move from Westport to Stamford. Malloy is profoundly irresponsible with taxpayer money.

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