Malloy to sign adoptee birth record bill

HARTFORD, Conn. – Gov. Dannel P. Malloy said Friday he intends to sign legislation opening access to the original birth certificates of people adopted after October 1983.

“That bill was drafted appropriately because it was cognizant of the fact that from 1983 … and moving forward, people who put a child up for adoption were given notice that that information might be shared,” Malloy said. “I think it’s an appropriate compromise piece of legislation that’s been reached. I intend to sign it.”

Currently, adoptees in most states can only access amended birth records that omit the identities of their birth parents. That’s been the case here in Connecticut since 1975 when legislation passed sealing the original birth records of adoptees.

Adoptees argue that the redacted birth records create health risks for them. Without knowing their family medical histories, they cannot be screened for illnesses to which they are predisposed based on family medical history and genetics.

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  1. EveT

    Good news! And very wise of the adoption authorities back in 1983 to begin informing birth parents that their anonymity may not be guaranteed. Adoptees have a right to know their roots.

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