Man shot while seeking drugs near Norwalk school

By Nancy Guenther Chapman

NORWALK, Conn. – A Norwalk man suffered non-life threatening injuries when he was shot in a drug deal gone awry Sunday evening near Kendall Elementary School, Norwalk Police say. The 25-year old victim, who was shot in the lower leg, was taken to Norwalk Hospital by two friends who were part of the unsuccessful meet-up for drugs, Lt. Paul Vinnet said.

The victim arrived at the hospital around 5 p.m., Vinnet said. He said he and his friends had gone to Fillow Street to meet two other men to buy drugs, Vinnet said. “The drug deal did not go through,” Vinnet said, “One party pulled out a gun. One shot was fired.”

The detective bureau responded immediately, Vinnet said. They have developed suspect information but are not releasing any detail.

Vinnet stressed that the shooting was not at the school. “It’s just a landmark,” he said.


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  1. Tim T

    I bet the NPD convinces the victim to change his story. You all know it doesn’t look good to have a shooting near a school these days when parents fear for their children safety as it is. With that said and the crime epidemic Norwalk has been in for the past 4 year along with a failed police department. It sounds like a perfect time for calling in the State PD to do the job that the NPD is note qualified to do. It is such a shame that Moccia our idiot mayor had a chance to fix a broken police department but he was more concerned with the police union endorsement instead of the taxpayers.
    It seems that most in Norwalk have lost confidence in the NPD except of course for the criminals and a few idiots.

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