Mangiacopra goes green to get green

NORWALK, Conn. – Norwalk Democratic mayoral hopeful Vinny Mangiacopra and his wife, Kelsie, reached for a pot o’ gold Saturday night with a Wear Green fundraiser celebrating St. Patrick’s Day at the Norwalk American Legion hall.

The District D Democratic chairman addressed the crowd, touting his campaign, his qualifications and intentions – standard campaign fare, which is included in the above video.

Also in the video: A brief glimpse of Mangiacopra’s Norwalk’s Future Now supporters doing the trendy Harlem Shake.



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  1. NorwalkVoter

    Nancy, you don’t say how many attended and how much he raised. p.s. Harlem Shake is so yesterday.

  2. Clayton

    Without focusing on the “Harlem Shake” portion, I did like that the guy laid out his experiences – A bit of substance in that shake

  3. Suzanne

    OK, so this guy is hip. His resume is “bouncy” by his own admission, from one job to another wherever the political winds take him. He seems to have the savvy to navigate the political and administrative waters. There are plenty of good urban development plans, however, that have been presented to the City of Norwalk that just need to be removed from Moccia’s drawer and implemented. The 10-year statis, as Mangiacopra describes, needing weeding out so good ideas, already extant among the citizenry, can be started. The “new idea” in this town would be a government without nepotism, “old boys” and respect for the constituency and what they have to offer. Bring me that and I will vote for you.

  4. spanner

    I have to agree but point out there is real fear in our city for our safety but even more fear Moccia will win again and increase our first fear even more.

    Maybe one more point that seems to be obvious our Mayor isn’t out talking to people who are in need and want to be heard, for the most part he is not welcomed and not respected in most areas of the city. That alone tells you Norwalk needs a change.

    I agree in part with Suzanne but with Moccia some of those studies as in the train station that cost the city plenty before most elections. Some were never great ideas they were self serving to a few and to hard to sell to a city that has learned to read between the lines.

    You have to wonder how much Moccia’s party will pay this time to store owners to display his sign and a contract to keep them there. There was talk Republicans paid high end retailers more than the ones with the corner bodegas last election how sad was that?

    It was insulting to suspect that anyone working for an elected official during a reelection would pressure an owner and not leave a copy of the agreement behind to show the press. In this instance clearly rumor won out and some signs for Moccia were taken down all around the city when the rumor surfaced.

    Be interesting to see after the meeting this week what the Republicans have come up with to sell in sheeps clothing.

  5. Don’t Panic

    Have you ever heard a politician NOT tell you things need to change and that a new approach is needed? They all do. Wanting to change things is not good enough in this city, as citizens who keep testifying at public hearings can affirm. You need someone who can execute on new ideas, and has a plan for how to pay for them. It’s not enough to shrug and say the economy is down and everyone has to do more with less. You have to figure out what your priorities are and make the tough choices to free up the revenue to invest in the things that will help the city grow. As far as I can tell, only Mr. Miklave is thinking about these things and has been saying them for years. He is the only one in the race who seems ready to lead this city so it can be competitive again.

  6. LWitherspoon

    Please give us a specific example of Mr. Miklave’s ability to make difficult choices based on something he has introduced or some controversial position he has taken while on Common Council.
    I can cite many examples of Mr. Miklave scoring political points by bloviating against others who were making tough choices due to budgetary constraints and the need to minimize tax increases. He has even bloviated after the fact against projects for which he himself voted. What I have not seen is any single instance of Mr. Miklave making a tough choice himself.

  7. Harold

    Not a great harlem shake but an awesome plan on what we need here in Norwalk

  8. Bryan Meek

    Really? Is it that hard to say “I’m going to do X, it is going to cost $Y, and the result is going to be Z”?

    Instead you basically say…..

    “I have an MPA from blah blah blah and on page 92 it says how you run a city. And I’ve also learned from that shining city on the hill Bridgeport and a small town like Westport and a re-election campaign for Jim Himes who I can name 2 things that he’s done for our district. And because I am an accomplished graduate of the CT school of Broadcasting, I am a decent enough public speaker to fool some into thinking I can actually be the mayor.”

    If this guy has any friends, they would coach him into running for council first, get some life experience, and to stop feeling so entitled

  9. Tim T

    Love the green jacket. Is it the one you wore to band camp a few years back at Norwalk High?

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