Mangiacopra has strong support outside of Norwalk


District D Chairman Vinny Mangiacopra has held several fund raisers in his bid to become Norwalk's next mayor.
District D Chairman Vinny Mangiacopra has held several fundraisers in his bid to become Norwalk’s next mayor, including a dinner in Bridgeport.

NORWALK, Conn. – It’s easy to see that the copious funds Democrat Vinny Mangiacopra’s has raised for his Norwalk mayoral run come from a grassroots campaign – though much of the grass seems to be growing in other towns.

Norwalk’s Future Now, the campaign to make Mangiacopra the Norwalk Democratic Party mayoral candidate, raised $25,533 between his campaign kickoff on Jan. 22 and the end of the filing period on March 31, according to papers filed with the town clerk’s office. Only three people gave Mangiacopra $1,000, the maximum amount possible. One of them is also named Mangiacopra.

Of the 232 donors, 118 gave $50 or less. Five gave $500. Thirty-nine of the donors live in Bridgeport; 9 from Trumbull, 3 from Monroe, 29 from Shelton. They include Bridgeport City Council President Thomas McCarthy, Bridgeport Board of Education President Peter Ziegler and Director of Education and Youth for the City of Bridgeport Joshua Thompson.

Mangiacopra has the financial support of 58 Norwalk residents, including Richard McGonigal (a retiree who gave $1,000), Common Councilman Warren Pena, former Councilwoman Nora King, Elizabeth and Allen Fedor ($500 each), Michael DiScala, Phaedrel Bowman of A Better South Norwalk and Zoning Commissioner Mike Mushak.

Three committees contributed a total of $2,150, the papers say.

Here is the list:

David Scorpino of Morris $1,000

Karen Mangiacopra of Shelton $1,000

Richard McGonigal of Norwalk $1,000

Paul Crisci of Monroe $500

Elizabeth Fedor of Norwalk $500

Allen Fedor of Norwalk $500

John Jaffe of Norwalk $500

Erik Williams of Coventry $500

Joseph Savo of Bridgeport $400

Michelle Iovane of Bridgeport $350

Christopher Alarcon of Trumbull $250

Samuel Bocchino of Shelton $250 aggregate

Marc Bradley of Alexandria Virg. $250

Deborah Brenneis of Trumbull $250

Michael Discala of Norwalk $250

Mary Fabrizi of Bridgeport $250

Barry Lang of Tucson, Ariz. $250

Janet Lang of Tucson, Ariz $250

Daniel Rodriguez of Shelton $250

Louis Mangiacopra of Boca Raton, Fla. $250

Michael Twigg of Fairfield $250

Jennifer Mangiacopra of Shelton $250

Peter Ziegler of Trumbull $250

Adam Wood of Bridgeport $250

Dennis Scinto of Bridgeport $225

Thomas McCarthy of Bridgeport $200

Brett Berkman of Stamford $200

Andrea Fedor of Norwalk $200

Nora King of Norwalk $200

John Kydes of Norwalk $200

Russell Paul of West Hartford $200

Michael Testani of Bridgeport $200

Brandi Bohlin of Shelton $160

Michael Fabrizi of Norwalk $155

Stanton Lesser of Southport $150

Barbara Mangiacopra of Derby $150

Damon Workiewicz of Shelton $150

Amy Warren of Stratford $150

Galen Wells of Norwalk $150

Eric Fay of Bridgeport $140

Cassandra Proietti of Ansonia $130

Warren Peña of Norwalk $125

Zachary Vento of Stamford $100

Alan Webber of Fairfield $100

Justin Xenelis of Old Saybrook $100

Robby Werner of Darien $100

Elaine Petronella of Norwalk $100

Elaine Pivirotto of Bridgeport $100

Antonino Palella of Bridgeport $100

Dora Stuttman of Westport $100

Matthew Rosado of Shelton $100

Matthew Salner of West Hartford $100

BJ Sandor of Monroe $100

Jason Santacroce of Bridgeport $100

Joey Santacroce of Oxford $100

Attorney Sal Maresca of Bridgeport $100

Christine Mangiacopra of Shelton $100

Frank Mangiacopra of Shelton $100

William Mazzucco of Bridgeport $100

Ken Moales of Bridgeport $100

Frank Nicolia of Monroe $100 Bridgeport firefighter

Sebastian Nicolia of Trumbull $100

Silvio Nicolia of Trumbull $100

Stephen Kvance  of Norwalk $100

Jason Klein of Derby $100

Chris Amso of Bridgeport $100

Kevin Bailey of Danbury $100

Susan Beyman of Norwalk $100

Hilary Blaker of Madison, Wisc. $100

Richard Bortolot of Westport $100

Dave Bosco of Redding $100

Attorney Jennifer Boyd of Norwalk $100

Dennis Bradley of Bridgeport $100

Tony Branco of Bridgeport $100

Phaedrel Bowman of Norwalk $100

Alicia Brenneis of Trumbull $100

Matthew Breneis of Salisbury $100

Bill Burnham of New Canaan $100

Dave Calhan of Shelton $100

William and Iris Calovimi of Bridgeport $100

Charles Carroll of Sandy Hook $100

Jillian Cepero of New York City $100

Tricia Coppola of North Haven $100

Michelle DeFranzo of Shelton $100

Anna Cruz of Bridgeport $100

Attorney Sal Depiano of Fairfield $100

Shirley Goad of Norwalk $100

Jay Fusci of Bridgeport $100

Patricia Jurgielewicz of Easton $100

Laurel Leff of West Hartford $100

Geoffrey Luxenberg of Manchester $100

Penney Hoffman of Felton $75

Christin Laime of Stamford $75

Shannon Marietta of Newnan, Ga. $75

Steven Scinto of Bridgeport $75

Nick Coriano of Bridgeport $65

Chris Chapman of Shelton $60

Kurt Soltis of Shelton $60

Jason Neves of Shelton $60

Attorney Steve Stafstrom of Bridgeport $50

Drew Taraian of Seymour $50

Jesse Suchocki of Derby $50

Josh Thompson of Bridgeport $50

Elaine Moheet of Shelton $50

Kasey Mendence of Norwalk $50

Kristen Mendence of Greenwich $50

Heather Meyernick of Mount Juliet, Tenn. $50

Frank Longo of Norwalk $50

Mike Mushak of Norwalk $50

Jeanette Nadrizny of Seymour $50 city of Bridgeport

Mark Pedro of Ansonia $50

Daniel Rosen of Bridgeport $50

Angie Rozo of Norwalk $50

Marilyn Santacroce of Bridgeport $50

Eric Soltis of Shelton $50

Sheena Scivoletti of Norwalk $50

Ajaunie Silpot of Stamford $50

Jaime Laufer of Bridgeport $50

Henry Romario of Bridgeport $50

Jackie Gonzalez of Shelton $50

Najib Habesch of Wethersfield $50

Melissa Cotto of Milford $50

Vera Blankley of Greenwich $50

Jason Bowsza of Broadbrook $50

Susan Brannelly of Bridgeport $50

Patrick Buckely of New York City $50

Andre Williams of Stratford $50

Alan Zunigo of Norwalk $50

Mark Valdegas of Oxford $50

Maria Cowden of Westport $50

Erin Daly of Norwalk $50

John Crosby of Norwalk $50

Gunnar Gaylord of Unionville $50

Nicole Knapp of Oxford $50

Jared Kupiec of Hartford $50

Stephanie Peña of Norwalk $45

Alexa Campos of Woodbridge $40

Elizabeth Duffy of Branford $40

Sarah Dunn of Fairfield $40

Kyle Durrichmidt of Shelton $40

Sarah McArdle of Milford $40

Dana Johnson of Norwalk $40

Taber Hamilton of Norwalk $35

Dianne Gilmore of Norwalk $30

Scott Hughes of Bridgeport $30

Robert Keyes of Norwalk $30

Greg Libby of Shelton $30

Nicholas Murray of New Haven $30

Gretchen Schueler of Trumbull $30

Ana Sequeira of Norwalk $30

Samantha Abate of Norwalk $25

Marilyn Anton of Trumbull $25

Jeff Becker of Shelton $25

Joseph Becker of Shelton $25

Richard Pancoast of Stratford $25

Peninnah Bonhomme of Bridgeport $25

Dana Bowman of Norwalk $25

Jannie Bowman of Norwalk $25

Brett Chapman of Shelton $25

Craig Chapman of Shelton $25

Amy Couture of Sandy Hook $25

Carolanne Curry of Westport $25

Domenick DeMarco of Norwalk  $25

Leslie Diaz of West Hartford $25

Rebekkah Gambardella of Shelton $25

Matthew Domadz of Shelton $25

William Gardella of Easton $25

Daniel Greaney of Waterbury $25

Deborah Hastings of Norwalk $25

Khursheed Khan of Norwalk $25

Monica Liontop of Long Island, N.Y. $25

Danny Martinez of Bridgeport $25

Margherita McElwreath of Norwalk $25

Roberto Membreno of Norwalk $25

Danielle Mendence of Norwalk $25

Kevin O’Neill of Milford $25

Reed Padin of Shelton $25

Lindsay Peiger of Shelton $25

Michelle Perrett of Norwalk $25

Fred Ritz of Naugatuck $25

Steph Santora of Shelton $25

Don Scinto of Trumbull $25

Barbara Soltis of Shelton $25

Kent Sopris of Watervliet, N.Y. $25

Mike Taraian of New Haven $25

Monica Thomas of Norwalk $25

Hope Zoniga of Norwalk $25

Maria Zoniga of Norwalk $25

Jenna Zolluccio of Stamford $23

Saloma Grose of Norwalk $20

Alvaro Guzman of Norwalk $20

Lulay Fitzgibbon of Norwalk  $20

Lenny Jefferson of Roswell, Ga. $20

Ronald Machado of Norwalk $20

Marilyn Middlemass of Bridgeport $20

Alex Sajous of Norwalk $20

Philip Thierman of Norwalk $20

Aaron Turner of Bridgeport $20

Jay Sequeira of Norwalk $20

Frank Veneziano of Norwalk $20

Tremayne Walker of Norwalk $20

Candida McGee of Seymour $15

Joann Manzio of Bridgeport $15

Barb Susi of Bridgeport $15

Nicole Foley of Norwalk $10

Julio Guzman of Norwalk $10

Liza Mojica of Bridgeport $10

Margaret Rice of Norwalk $10

Soccorro Sequeira of Norwalk $10

Alex Sharry of Westwood $10

Yader Velasquez of Norwalk $10

Loren Welsh of Raleigh, N.C. $10

Rosa Zuniga of Norwalk $10

Mario Peña of Norwalk $5

Deborah Vertucio of Westport $5

Rafael Alfonso of Stamford $5


Connecticut AFL-CIO $1,500


Political Action Together $500


14 responses to “Mangiacopra has strong support outside of Norwalk”

  1. LWitherspoon

    I find it remarkable that the Connecticut AFL-CIO gave $1,500 to Mangiacopra. Will they be endorsing Mangiacopra? I don’t recall seeing an AFL-CIO contribution to any of the other candidates.
    What is the max that Labor Unions can donate to a candidate?

  2. Nancy, why didn’t you identify the $1,000 donors for Vinny as you did for Mr. Rilling?

    Interesting, talk about democratic political favors,,, the unions?!

    1. Mark Chapman

      From the story:
      Only three people gave Mangiacopra $1,000, the maximum amount possible. One of them is also named Mangiacopra.
      Mangiacopra has the financial support of 58 Norwalk residents, including Richard McGonigal (a retiree who gave $1,000).
      (The third person, Dave Scorpino, does not show up on a Google search. If this constitutes a favor in your mind, so be it).

  3. Tom

    Seems as if Norwalk’s Future Now is in the hands of anyone but people from Norwalk. Can anyone say, Ernie?

  4. Enjoying the Show

    Looks like the town DTC is hell bent on embarrassing itself. This guy’s resume wouldn’t qualify him to sit on the least significant of the city’s boards or commissions. Pass the popcorn please.

  5. ScopeonNorwalk

    Any way you cut it, he still has more Norwalk financial supporters than any other candidate….I see a handful of contributors playing both sides too….Wells and Mushak…Michael Discala….besides if Rilling is counting “people who work and do business in the city ” in his Norwalk numbers everyone else should too. Let’s see who wins that stat.

  6. NorwalkNeedsAChange

    I don’t know why a contribution from out of town is a bad thing? The fact that someone from out of town would give their hard earned money to a candidate that has little affect on their lives, tells me that’s the candidate I want. Open up to a Norwalk mayor that’s not a “Knights of Columbus” kind of guy.

  7. ScopeonNorwalk

    Well when you figure about 80% of Norwalk’s teachers, police officers, and firefighters are from other cities you should expect to see donors from other cities.

  8. ScopeonNorwalk

    And I think I saw a few Norwalk teachers on that list but don’t live in Norwalk.

  9. Asa H.M.

    To ScopeonNorwalk – He may have “more Norwalk donors” in numbers, but only 25% of his donors overall are Norwalk, and they only contributed 21% of his total cash. Percentage wise, that puts him with the least local support.

  10. Asa,
    Vinny has “more Norwalk donors” in numbers (i.e.: voting bodies, one would hope) but they “only contribute 21% of his total cash. Percentage wise, that puts him with the least local support” FINANCIALLY to campaign.

    When people go to vote, it is not how much money they contribute that “gets” the vote, but the “Norwalk donors in numbers” (voting bodies). It is a 1:1 ratio (person: vote).

    Other candidates may have more money in their campaign account either from more or less people but if they don’t live in Norwalk, it’s not going to help their cousin/brother-in-law/business partner/et al” win the election…

    Enhio DiNino of Stamford and Michael Forbes of Darien gave Rilling $1,000 each ($2,000 sum of the two)
    HOWEVER, they cannot vote in Norwalk.
    # Votes to Rilling = Zero.

    In Vinny’s list, 49 NORWALK voters gave money to match that amount. # Votes to Vinny = 49

    Nevertheless, this is all theoretic; what plagues these lists of donors are the unknowns (for both the Dem & Rep):

    1) Which candidate will get the Election Day vote of multi-candidate contributors,

    2) Who is registered to vote,

    3) Who is legal to vote,

    4) And most importantly, how many will actually vote.

    Of course, the other school of thought is that the more money you have, the more you can advertise and appear as though you have credibility, respectability, and vast supporters. Basically, it is “name recognition” to people not paying attention AND voting (a very baaad but most common combination in any election)

  11. Tim T

    Your calculations are 100 percent correct. With that said let me add that when a candidate has most of his or her contributions from outside of the area from people that cant even vote in the election…. WATCH OUT….

  12. Norwalk Dinosaur

    Where a candidate’s dollars come from has little to do with who is going to win an election. Fundraising is exclusively about compiling resources to run an effective campaign (ie – paying staff, printing flyers, buying advertising, etc.). Fundraising is ALL about getting your message out.

    Like other human beings, candidates have different social and professional networks. “Where” they collect their contributions from is a silly measure of how well a candidate is going to do in an election and more importantly, how well suited they would be to act as Mayor.

    The fact that some of the candidates were unable to successfully raise funds is a much greater red flag to me. Mr. Miklave is a high powered attorney in NYC, and he was a distant third! If his personal and professional networks do not want to give to him, why would I trust him with my dollars or my vote! And then there is Mr. Garfunkel. Garfunkel ran for Mayor two years ago, was the first announced candidate this year and has raised a pittance in his first quarter of fundraising. To me it simply shows a lack of caring and organization, a much greater concern than WHERE someone’s money comes from.

    The real test is in a candidates ideas for our city, NOT how many local-yokel friends they have.

    Congratulations to both Mr. Rilling and Mr. Mangiacopra for keeping pace – Moccia gotta’ go.

  13. Tim T

    Norwalk Dinosaur
    What is the biggest red flag to me is when the bulk of a candidate’s dollars come from out of town. That tells me they will owe favors. You can deny this but unfortunately that is the real world. I do agree Moccia gotta’ go but not be replaced with Rilling or Mangiacopra. Rilling just part of the old boys club that is responsible for the mess Norwalk is and Mangiacopra is just a kid with no experience. The experience Mangiacopra does have with campaigns is nothing to be bragging about as the campaigns he was involved with had issues to say the least.
    I got to tell you if in Nov it was between Moccia and Rilling or Moccia and Mangiacopra I would vote for the Rowayton cowboy.

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