Mangiacopra stokes campaign coffer in second quarter

NORWALK, Conn. — Norwalk’s youngest Democratic Party mayoral hopeful raised the most cash of the four candidates in the scond quarter, according to papers filed in the town clerk’s office. Vinny Mangiacopra, 31, took in $40,047 from 237 donors and six organizations around the state, far outdistancing the competition. Mangiacopra brought in six $1,000 donations, all from outside of Norwalk.

Here is the summary and the list of contributors from the campaign to elect Mangiacopra mayor of Norwalk:

Balance on hand at beginning of second quarter, $22,957.45

Contributions received from individuals, $33,647 this period; $55,950 aggregate

Receipts from other committees, $4,350 this period; $6,500 aggregate

Total purchases of advertising – program book or sign, $2,050 this period; $3,175 aggregate

Total monetary receipts, $40,047 this period; $65,580 aggregate

Subtotals: $63,004 this period; $65,580 aggregate

Expenses paid by committee, $17,385.34 this period; $19,960.89 aggregate

Expenditures: Will Sharry, $8,100

Balance on hand at close of reporting period, $45,619.11

Campaign expenses paid by candidate, $79.71 this period; $216.82 aggregate

$1,000 donors

John Bohannon of Fairfield, an attorney

Sarah Boles of Greenwich, not employed

Paul Ganim of Bridgeport, an attorney with Ganim Legal

Maria-Noelle Meyer of Old Greenwich

Cathleen Simpson of Bridgeport, attorney with DCF

Elefterios Tsieopoulos of Niantic, self-employed

$900 donors

Kelsie Fedor of Norwalk

$750 donor

Geoffrey Luxenberg of Manchester

$600 donors

Frank Mangiacopra of Shelton

Napoleon Gavrilidis of Norwalk

$500 donors

Paul Antinoxxi of Woodbridge

Michael Antonetz of Westport

Lincoln Boehm of Stamford

Sean Carroll of Trumbull

Sanford Cloud Jr. of Farmington

Ann Cohen of New Canaan

Kimberley Currie of Easton

Lauren Drysdale of Stamford

Michael Marcinek of Seymour

John Oliveto of Wallingford

Stuart Pertz of Norwalk

Kevin Reynolds of West Hartford

$400 donors

Michael Picarazzi of Bridgeport

$300 donors

Rick Lopes of New Britain

Barbara Mangiacopra of Derby

Mayra Sahagun of Las Vegas

$250 donors

Diane Kozel of Brookfield

John Blair of Rocky Hill

Edwin Camacho of Norwalk

Daniel Casinelli of Shelton

Frank Ciambriello of Trumbull

Tom Farago of Norwalk

Michael Farina of Manchester

Frank Farricker of Cos Cob

Richard Hokin of Darien

Michael Ju of Saint Louis, Mo.

Moon Mehta of Norwalk

Ken Lametta of Norwalk

Phil Mendence of Norwalk

Michael Olschafskie of Vernon

Jeff Woerz of Riverside

$200 donors

Sandy Devingo of Norwalk

Elizabeth Fedor of Norwalk (2 donations; aggregate $900)

Stephen Kvance of Norwalk

Jennifer Mangiacopra of Shelton

Elaine Petronella of Norwalk

Kathleen Pramer of Wilton

Adam Wood of Bridgeport

$150 donors

Marc Bradley of Alexandra, Va.

Laurel Jeff of West Hartford

Lisa Lersner of Stamford

Sebastian Nicolia of Trumbull

Stephen Rogan of Norwalk

$100 donors

Elaine Arnow of Westport

Stanley Azimov of Shelton (two donations)

Phaedrel Bowman of Norwalk

William Breetz of Hartford

Deborah Brenneis of Trumbull

Joe Brenneis of Trumbull

Matthre Brenneis of Salisbury

Kristyn Fay of Bridgeport

Richard Bortolot of Westport

Larry Calovine of Bridgeport

William Carmichael of Greenwich

Tricia Coppola of North Haven

Kathleen A Corbet of New Canaan

Francesca Correa of Norwalk

Steve Cotto of Stratford

Stephen Cowell of Tyringham

Elizabeth Cryer of Greenwich

Michael Defranzo of Shelton

Joe Delvecchio of Stratford

Leo Diana of Manchester’

Julia Diaz of West Hartford

Johannes Enders of Norwalk

Andrea Fedor of Norwalk

John Fitzgibbon of Norwalk

Donna Granata Norwalk

Gerars Grossano of Newtown

Francis Huck of Dairen

Michelle Iovane of Bridgeport

Thomas Keenan of Southport

Randy Klein of Darien

Phyllis Mainero of Shelton

Gina Malheiro of Trumbull

Christine Mangiacopra of Shelton

Craig Nadrizny of Bridgeport

Christopher Nuzzi of Brookfield

Evan Brian O’Donnell of West Hartford

Antonio Palella of Bridgeport

Jimmy Papadakos of Norwalk

Nelsey Pena of Norwalk

Michael Perry of Bridgeport

Gabe Ramos of Bridgeport

Dan Roach of Bridgeport

Carmen Roda of Norwalk

Matthew Rosado of Shelton

Matthew Sainer of West Hartford

Bonnie Sandor of Monroe

Jason Santacroce of Bridgeport

Dick Saxi of Westport

Nancy Szwejkowski of Bridgeport

Mark Valdegas of Oxford

Greg Wamser of Woodbury

David Watts of Norwalk

Robby Werner of Darien

Jonathon Winkel of Stamford

Kerry Wood of Rocky Hill

$80 donors

Josh Belinski of Bridgeport

Pasquale Libertino of Norwalk

Jeanette Nadrizny of Seymour

$75 donor

Carl Horton of Norwalk

$70 donor

Juanita Olguin of Norwalk

$60 donor

Tanya Rhodes of Norwalk

$55 donors

Brian Valeria of Seymour

Luz Caciedo of Norwalk

$50 donors

Carl Amacker Westport

Janet Ambrosecchio Stamford, (plus $20)

Kevin Bailey of Danbury

David Bayne of Darien

Alan Benford of Manchester

Amancio Lazaro Corro Benites

Eric Benitez of Norwalk

Samuel Bocchino of Shelton

Tony Branco of Bridgeport

Patrick Buckley of NYC

Aleyda Caceres of Norwalk

George Caceres of Norwalk (2 donations))

Josie Castillo of Norwalk

Karl Cobbs of Norwalk

Nick Daddario of Trumbull

Erin Daly of Norwalk

Greg Eisenhardt of Khamden

Everett Fisher of Greenwich

Brent Fitteron of New Haven

Ken Flatto of Bridgeport

Peter Fromson of Glastonbury

Mark Goad of Fairfield

Shirley Goad of Norwalk ($150 aggregate)

Heather Habelka of Stratford

Taber Hamilton of Norwalk

Nicole Heath of Stamford

Kathleen Jaeger of Norwalk

Bob Keyes of Norwalk

Nicole Knapp of Oxford

Peter Kwalzyk of Manchester

John Kydes of Norwalk

Michael Lee of Norwalk

Jessica Leonzi of Stamford

Steven Lipson of Norwalk

Piet Marks of Norwalk

Thomas McCarthy of Bridgeport

Margherita McElwreath of Norwalk

Mike Mushak of Norwalk

Terry Page of Norwalk

Jennifer Paquette of Arlington, Va.

Lisa Passero of Norwalk

Art Perry of New Britain

Jason Plante of Shelton

Enid Rodriguez of Shelton

Daniel Rodriguez of Shelton

Ellen Rossi of New Canaan

Alex Sajous of Norwalk

Dennis Scinto of Bridgeport

Travis Simms of Norwalk

Joe Smith of Norwalk

Mike Taaian of New Haven

Monica Thomas of Norwalk

Melissa Vaz of Trumbull

Al Vertucci of Norwalk

Adam Von Goutrin of Bristol

Rolando Zuniga of Norwalk

$45 donor

Kasey Mendence of Norwalk

$40 donor

Alexa Campos of Woodbridge

Matthew Defeo of Bridgeport

Michael Fabrizi of Norwalk

Shawn Orr of New Canaan

Elaine Steinbok of Plainview

$35 donor

John Wamser of Brookfield

$30 donor

Alain Cesar of Bridgeport

Leslie Diaz of West Hartford

Kelly O’Donnell of Redding

Karne Olivera-Gonzales of West Hartford

Felicia Puccino of Bridgeport

Chris Stratton of West Hartford

$25 donors

Eric Albert of Northford

Ken Barclay of Darien

Dana Bowman of Norwalk

Pamela Buzi of Monroe

Elaine Carvalho of Bridgeport

Anne Cofone of Norwalk

Amy Couture of Sandy Hook

Marla Cowden of Westport

Hector Diaz of Bridgeport

Audin Grogins Bridgeport

David Dumaine of Manchester

Mario Duran of Norwalk

Steven Evangelista of Colchester

William Garrett of Bridgeport

Chris Hulse of Cos Cob

Shirley Mosby of Norwalk

Paul Nunez of New Haven

Christopher O’Brien of Newtown

Danielle Paladino of Torrington

Richard Pancoast of Stratford

Margaret Rice of Norwalk

Argie Rozo of Norwalk

Nicholas Saccchinelli of Norwalk

Kent Sopris of Watervliet

Cathy Steele of Norwalk

Elaine Steele of Norwalk

Tom Steele of Norwalk

Brian Stickles of Newtown

Deborah Vertucci of New Canaan

Amy Warchick of Norwalk

Kathleen Watts of Norwalk

Loren Welsh of Raleigh, NC

$20 donors

Kate Bickford of Manchester

William Docimo of Norwalk

William Docimo of Norwalk

Maria Ju of New Canaan

Shannon Marietta of Newnan

James Moran of Manchester

Elaine Pivirotto of Bridgeport

Ajaunie Silpot of Stamford

Jimmy Tickey of Shelton

William Whispell of Norwalk

$15 donor

Tim Bergen of Norwalk

$10 donor

Monique Dymaine of Manchester

Ted Hofstatter of Wilton

Dorian Lockett of Bristol

Shoji Masayoshi of Norwalk

Geoffrey Zampiello of Norwalk

$7 donor

Josh Rosenzweig of West Hartford

$5 donor

Jannie Bowman of Norwalk

Jonathon Colon of Manchester

Cassie Devingo of Norwalk

Committee contributions

Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers of Wallingford, $250

Committee to Elect Democrats, $1,500

DREW PAC of Middleton, $100

Iron Workers Local Union of New Haven, $500

Local 777 PAC of Meriden, $500

Local Union 38 CT, $1,500

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