Manresa’s new owner proposes zoning to guide development; critics seek more time

The defunct Manresa Island power plant, as ssen from atop SoNo 50.

The Manresa Neighborhood Coalition is appealing to residents to make a last-minute plea to the Planning and Zoning Commission regarding development plans for Manresa Island.

Interested citizens have until 10 a.m. Friday to send an email to P&Z on proposed zoning changes requested by Argent Ventures, the property’s new owner.

Argent seeks a Manresa Island Overlay Zone as a new zoning designation for the 126-acre property off Longshore Road in South Norwalk. The proposal states that is “an alternate development scheme” that allows “clustered housing and additional Accessory Uses that are complimentary and appropriate for a waterfront Development, including, but not limited to, Civic, Institutional and Marine Uses.”

Residential density would not exceed six homes per acre. A minimum 70% of the property would remain open space, with a minimum 90 acres preserved in perpetuity. “A publicly accessible walking and bicycling path hall be required along the perimeter of the Development, allowing the public access to designated viewsheds.”

Argent would pay $10 per $1,000 of construction costs into an affordable housing fund, under the proposal.

Attorney Lisa L. Feinberg, writing to Planning and Zoning Director Steven Kleppin on Nov. 21, said the proposal mirrors discussion with P&Z, positioning the property for thoughtful redevelopment.

“As you know, Argent is in the very early stages of the planning process and will not be building on the Property any time soon,” she wrote. “However, incorporating these changes now, while the Commission is considering the appropriate zoning for the entire City, will ensure a cohesive review process for all and gives Argent the assurance it needs to invest in this process moving forward. Argent is committed to working closely with the City, community stakeholders, and neighbors as the redevelopment process moves forward.”

The Manresa Neighborhood Coalition argues that more time and consideration should be given to the zoning of Manresa Island while the rest of the city zoning codes are approved.

Excerpt from a Manresa Neighborhood Coalition email.

The Coalition asks residents to email Kleppin at [email protected] or Principal Planner Bryan Baker at [email protected]


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    It would be helpful if there was an indication on why more time is needed.

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