Mastronardi represents the middle ground

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Wanted to take a minute to weigh in on one of the local political races in Norwalk. While I’ve never really paid attention to any election beyond the Presidency, I’ve changed my perspective during these times of social and economic issues.

I have a friend who has taken interest as the State Representative in the 142nd district, Don Mastronardi. While I’m not a registered voter in that district, I’m a registered Democrat who in over 30 years of voting rarely crossed party lines. I feel like he’s a candidate worth standing up for.

While we both back different political parties we’ve always agreed on some middle ground. Points and problems on both sides of the fence, but each party could bring something that would benefit the people if there was a candidate that could see the issues the way we did. This conversation is something that I’ve shared with many people repeatedly, most agree we need some middle ground. The time for extreme anything is over, no matter what the issue social or economic.

While I was surprised that Don wanted to take the time to pursue State Rep., I was pleased. I didn’t need to ask what his opinions or political platform was because he revealed his thoughts over the years during many discussions on the golf course when he had no political aspirations, no need to hide true thoughts or feelings. Less government control, social equality while being fiscally conservative is something I’d like to see.

I think it’s important to support someone who believes we need middle ground to move forward. I believe if he has the chance, he can truly represent the thoughts of the people who live in his district.


Angelo Franzese

Town of residence withheld


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  1. Patricia Tinto

    why is Mr. Franzese’s town withheld?
    Odd that the only person to write in support of Don’s candidacy has to rely on his conversations on the golf course, not because he’s seen him in action in the community he claims to care about representing.

    For the last four years, I’ve seen Lucy in action representing all of the 142nd district and standing up for its residents, young and old alike, golfer and non-golfer alike. When not in Hartford advocating for important measures that affect the quality of life for all voters, she was at the local West Norwalk Association meetings, fighting to reduce the congestion on the roads and increased traffic on our streets; in our schools, supporting both the educators and parents to raise the levels of achievement for every student; and at the various community partnership meetings, listening to her constituents and learning first hand their concerns and priorities. Lucy Dathan is an effective legislator with compassion who will continue to advocate for her district.
    Pat Tinto

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