Mayoral candidates kick off campaign in East Norwalk forum

NORWALK, Conn. – The East Norwalk Association will offer residents a chance to meet the candidates – lots of them – this week with a candidates forum and meet-and-greet.

The event is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 18, at Van Zilen Community Hall in the East Norwalk Association Library, 51 Van Zant St., East Norwalk.

Republican Mayor Richard Moccia and Democratic challenger and former police chief Harry Rilling are scheduled to make opening remarks and discuss questions and concerns from the audience. East Norwalk Business Association President Win Baum will moderate.

Several other candidates for office have been invited to attend to meet with the audience after the mayoral session. Those invited include District C Common Council candidates John Hauter and John Kydes, both Democrats, and Republicans Sarah Mann and Michelle Maggio; plus at-large candidates Richard Bonenfant (R), Chrisley Ceme (D), Olivia Dardy (D), Deidra Davis (D), Doug Hempstead (R), Glen Iannaccone (R), Joe Kendy (R), Bruce Kimmel (D, nominated by the Republican Town Committee), Warren Pena (D) and Sharon Stewart (D).


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  1. Oldtimer

    Sounds like fun. The right questions are sure to get a big reaction from the mayor. No answers, but a big reaction.

  2. Osgood Schlater

    This is an interesting invitation. Jim Anderson, President of the host, the East Norwalk Association, “forgot” to invite Deb Goldstein, who is the Democratic Candidate for the Third Taxing District Commission in the coming election. Now, ordinarily, this could be put down as a lapse of memory, a simple slip-up. However, Jim Anderson, who presumably will be presiding over the forum, also happens to be the Republican candidate for the seat that Ms. Goldstein is seeking. To remove the stigma of resorting to dirty tricks right at the outset of a campaign, Mr. Anderson should admit his mistake and invite Ms. Goldstein to join the other candidates at the forum. Otherwise, he will have shot himself in the foot by creating an issue that Ms. Golstein can use against him.

  3. EastNorwalkChick

    @Oldtimer, I’ll be there, what particular questions would you ask? I have several, but would like to know what others are thinking.
    @Osgood, I’m surprised at Jim for this oversight, not like him to purposely do this. Let’s hop he rectifies this….if not, then he’s not the person I thought he was.

  4. kmokeefe

    Mr. Anderson can hardly be unaware that Ms Goldstein is running against him as a Democrat for Third Taxing District Commissioner. I do hope that his ommision of her name on the list of Forum Participants is, indeed, an oversight and not, as it would seem, an actual slight.

    1. Mark Chapman

      @kmokeefe, etx.

      As listed on the press release, the only candidates invited are the candidates for mayor and Common Council. No Board of Education candidates or other “down-ticket” candidates were included. That said, the moderator position does seem to give Mr. Anderson at the very least some visibility. .We will be following up. (Should have read my own story. Indeed, WIN BAUM is the moderator, not Mr. Anderson. Mr. Anderson is not involved in the presentation.)

  5. Debora

    The ENIA (now ENA) does host one of these forums for municipal candidates historically and the invitation list is consistent with those of previous years.
    That said, it IS a slightly atypical year in that Mr. Anderson is also a candidate for the Third Taxing District Commissioner, as has been pointed out.
    I know Mr. Anderson and expect that this was not meant to be political, as his service to the library and the community is unquestioned.
    I hope he will extend me the courtesy of an introduction at Wednesday night’s meeting, but given the number of individuals, expect that attendees will be more interested in hearing from the Mayoral and Common Council candidates.

  6. Tim T

    Wear boots as its going to get deep in the room when Rilling opens his mouth

  7. Jim Anderson

    Yes, this forum has not changed in that it is solely for the Mayoral and Common Council Candidates (i.e. not for Board of Ed and TTD Commissioner). I will not be presiding and it clearly states that Win Baum will be the presiding. There is no mistake on my part, nor the East Norwalk Association as we are just hosting a Meet and greet (not a debate or anything else). The position for TTD commissioner was not mentioned as it never was before as Debora stated. I will be there as a East Norwalk resident.

  8. Stan Siegel

    As mentioned in earlier responses this is entirely a Mayoral candidate forum with only other East Norwalk and At Large Common Council candidates invited to meet with members of the audience after the formal statements and audience questions for the Mayoral candidates. This was not designed to effect or have any bearing on any other office or Board races. Although Jim Anderson, coincidentally is the President of the East Norwalk Association the event was organized by David Park, ENA Program Chair and will be moderated by Win Baum, president if the East Norwalk Business Association.

  9. Debora

    Glad we got that cleared up. 🙂

  10. Diane C2

    I hope to attend this evening, but wish to point out that as an East Norwalker, I must continue to question the use of the East Norwalk Library for these public events as, to the best of my knowledge, the community hall downstairs still is not ADA compliant or handicapped-accessible.

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